Washington, DC


Before New Years I noted that this development will be mind blowing when completed. Now a proper update on the construction that has been completed:

“Construction of Capitol Crossing is moving forward, we are quickly approaching the next phase of construction that will transform Washington’s central business district, and reconnect Capitol Hill and East End.

Over a year ago, Property Group Partners (PGP) began using its $200 million privately funded infrastructure investment to fulfill Mayor Bowser’s vision to revitalize city neighborhoods. To date, Capitol Crossing has delivered:

• Excavation and installation of new high voltage electrical line in Massachusetts Ave from 3rd to 4th Streets.

• Installation of new 30” water main on Massachusetts Avenue between 4th and 2nd Streets.

• Installation of a new 8” water main along the east side of 3rd St. from F Street to E Street.

• Connecting the electrical grid between the Capitol Hill and East End neighborhoods will further stabilize the electricity supply on both locations.

• Refurbishment of the existing 3rd Street Tunnel; aligning with post-9/11 safety and security standards.

These upgrades mean better systems for current DC residents and the ability to expand and meet the needs of new businesses and residents in the future. Construction of Capitol Crossing is creating 4,000 construction jobs and 8,000 permanent jobs.

Deep caissons were poured in November 2015. In the first quarter of this year, Capitol Crossing will truly go vertical with the first steel segments that will create the base of the new 3-block platform covering the I-395 center leg being placed. We are well on our way to delivering trophy office space in 2018, and 70,000 square feet of world class retail when completed.”



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