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  • AJSE

    I’m honestly surprised it took this long…

    • +1, same thing with the Cosby mural.

      • jd

        How the hell is the cosby mural still there? ben’s chili bowl supports rape culture.

  • SinSA

    The other one said “Is racist”

  • nightborn

    I most definitely get the sentiment, but Trump will never even hear about this, and some poor worker is having to clean it up… ugh.

    • “some poor worker”
      Presumably someone being paid to do the job…

      • nightborn

        Well yeah, I just meant the worker is a completely neutral party that would not otherwise have to be cleaning graffiti off a sign.

      • Hey-0

        Maybe not “poor” in the sense of not being paid. sucks that someone has to clean this up. In the cold. JBC – Some folks are empathetic to others.n

  • madmonk28

    I hate that Trump will own such a cool building in DC.

    • anonymous

      Will he own it? I thought it’s just a just a lease?

      • Quotia Zelda

        Yes, it’s a 60 (I think) year lease.

    • jd

      Why be a hater? It’s his right. If you don’t like it why don’t you start a company, hire a bunch of people, and lease this building, and turn it into a hotel.

      • Reality

        You’d need a “small” 1 million dollar loan from daddy first.

  • Kingman Park

    Trump and Hillary are the same. Both will say whatever to get votes.

    • CRT

      Vote Nader!

      • Kingman Park

        Vote Quimby.

        • jenster8dc

          Vote Kodos!

  • twtwdc

    I always wanted to “blue out” the T and it would spell RUMP…

    • textdoc

      All I wanna do is a-zoom-zoom-zoom and a-boom-boom!

      • textdoc

        Just shake your (T)rump.

  • wpk_dc

    I’m saddened that such a high-visibility DC landmark will have the Trump name on it. Very disheartening.

  • LadyInBlue

    I Like DT…. No BS


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