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  • TinkerTaylor

    I’m good with the name as long as they have crennalations. Actually, I don’t care about the name, I just wanted to say “crennalations.” Heh, crennalations.

    • TinkerTaylor

      Which I managed to misspell all three times. Back to the coffee . . .

  • Philippe Lecheval

    Nothing good about any of this.

  • JohnH

    Does a “building” (aka 3 row houses put together) of 6 condos really need a name? If you need marketing ploys to sell a row house condo, it’s probably a good indicator it is well overpriced.

    • anonymous

      Don’t all condos have names?

      • Rich

        Often it’s just the address, esp. if they are meant to be really elegant.

      • JohnH

        This is basically a row house condo. I live in a restored row house condo building of a few units and it doesn’t have a name, didn’t have a website (when it went on sale), etc. Thus, I’m guessing if they need all of these marketing ploys (and there are typically 0 amenities in these types of “buildings”), they’re trying to make it seem better than it actually is….

      • Nope. Like JohnH, I live in a small condo building (apartment to condo conversion, not a row house) that used its address as the LLC name. And we’ve also never had a problem selling units sans website and gimmicks.

        • sproc

          I live in a similar building that does have name (semi-pretentious IMHO), but it’s really just something used internally. There’s no sign, plaque or awning anywhere inside or out that states it, so I’ve never really understood the point besides it being a marketing tool when it was first built.

    • 1loganresident

      It’s likely priced per market conditions. If it’s over-priced, the units won’t sell, and the developer will lose time and money, and ultimately have to cut pricing. I think people are over-thinking the fact that the building has a name.

    • 1loganresident

      I’m not sure they “need” a name, but I imagine it helps when referring to the project in marketing, and legal documents. Of course they could have used the address as the “name”, but I wouldn’t attach any meaning or importance to the fact that they didn’t.

  • textdoc

    I didn’t look at the sign carefully enough, thought it was for a forthcoming restaurant or bar, and couldn’t understand why the name would be problematic.
    For a condo building, though? Not so keen on it.

  • Shaw

    Am I the only one who gets REALLY annoyed at these developers who put up a giant sign and a website that does not actually even tell you basics that they surely know by now, like if they are building one or two bedrooms, but instead only give you a chance to get put on some stupid mailing list? McWilliams Ballard is the WORST ONE for this slimy trick.
    I would like to get some basic information myself, please – specifically, floorplans, square footage, an amenity list (if there even are any amenities like a couple parking spots for sale), and the pricing. If this is another one of those awful little buildings with a 485 sqft one bedroom that’s $425k without even any parking to buy, then you don’t need my contact info because I do not want to talk to you! Just put the info on the website or don’t bother putting up the sign until you do!

    • oh2dc

      +1 – I also dislike this very much. I just want to get an idea of what the specs are of the property. I also understand that pricing is sensitive and subject to change, but I don’t want to come to your office to find out you’re selling a 2-bedroom for $1M. That might work for another potential buyer, but a waste of everyone’s time if not.

    • The OP Anon

      They are LOATHE to put the minuscule square footage on any website. Just tell me the damn square footage. And yes, you’re over-priced if you’re trying to sell a shitbox for $775+ per square foot. I’m not even going to bother.

    • 4teenth street

      funny thing is that most of those giant signs are illegal. The front yards are typically public space and they are too large to be put in public space without a permit – and their height would trigger a public space hearing. Most do not bother to go through that headache of a process and I am shocked DCRA hasn’t tried to make an extra buck by fining these guys.

  • Julia

    At first glance, I thought that sign said “The Crook.”

  • I’m indifferent about naming buildings, BUT as someone who lives nearby I think the progress on 11th Street (which seemed to have been neglected despite the explosions on 14th and 9th) is great. The abandoned buildings will be almost gone with the completion of this block, the addition of “the Bird” to keep up with the times, and even more neighborhood-oriented restaurants like El Sol are all awesome. I hope Capital Supermarket doesn’t get squeezed out, but I’d be happy to see the corner store on 11th and M get replaced with something more useful…

    • definitely – we lived right next to it in the condo building shown in the picture (best investment ever!) and 11th street always seemed so weird! We had a business idea for the corner of 11th and O, but never moved on it. Capital Supermarket is the weirdest place! so many oddly great items with total crap. It’s amazing. Also, 11th and M is going to be condos. It’s been discussed here, I thought.

      • oh2dc

        I think he means the SE corner of 11 and M (by El Rinconcito). They are currently building on the NE corner. Are there plans for something else?
        Also, I love Cap Sup. I buy lots of unique cooking items there and they are solid for some regular staples in a pinch. I worried it would not survive the new Giant, but they appear to be holding strong.

        • ah ok I was thinking where the laundromat is – also a big construction site. Honestly, I really never walked up 11th that way – I’d take the metro home from work via mt vernon and come up 10th st.

          • oh2dc

            I also usually walk 10 St. to metro. It’s a much more pleasant walk.

          • totally! We were neighbors!

  • hey, you can see the window of the condo we just sold!
    that said, having watched how awfully these were build, I could never recommend that anyone buy a unit there. The location is wonderful, neighbors are fantastic. But they put zero care in to how it was made, lots of standing water, took them forever because it was a here-and-there job. I’m truly not sure if these were ever inspected along the way or licensed people did anything. It was awful. So….buyer beware. (we were watching closely because thought if we could get a 2 bedroom without moving far, we’d snap it up)

    • one more thing – the unit to the north of us, which was a vacant lot (well, rat colony, really) for years and years is being build even WORSE. It’s been featured here for the fallen down port-a-potty and the like. It’s moved slower than this, so expect if you buy in to this building, you’ll have a minimally worked on construction site right next to you for a loooong time.

    • 1loganresident

      J used to be in DC,
      The poor construction quality and standing water etc. that you mention seeing is related to the red-brick structure immediately adjacent to The Rook. It is a different project with different owner, design team, and GC. The only commonality is the construction fence out front.

  • Anon

    Looks like more of a pawn, no?

  • JS

    Hey, at least it’s better than the condo on the corner of 14th & Spring with the giant address numbers on the side of the building. That one’s unbelievably tacky.

  • Kingman Park

    I hope they fix that terrible quality picture on their website.

  • Shawdc

    I would love capital supermarket to go. Every time I go in there out of desperation for something like laundry detergent it smells like wet, raw meat that makes me want to puke. Twice I’ve bought cookies and the packages inside appeared to have been bitten into and the outside glued shut. It has had numerous health violations ranging from insects to rat droppings, and I now use google express instead of venturing over when I seriously run out of stuff. They either need new management or to just sell.


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