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You Now Have Until the 23rd of January to Get Your Christmas Trees Collected

by Prince Of Petworth January 13, 2016 at 10:02 pm 15 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Lorie Shaull

From DPW:

“The DC Department of Public Works announced today that employees will continue to collect holiday trees and greenery through Saturday, January 23. Trees and greenery should be stripped of all lights, ornaments and tinsel and should not be put in plastic bags. Trees and greenery should be placed where the resident’s trash and recycling are collected. Residents also may bring their trees and greenery to the Ft. Totten Transfer Station*, weekdays between 1 pm and 5 pm and Saturdays between 8 am and 3 pm.

Holiday trees and greenery are collected from DPW’s trash and recycling collection customers who live in single family homes or multi-unit buildings with no more than three units. Buildings with four or more living units or buildings with both residential and commercial uses are required to engage private haulers for their trash, recycling and other collections, such as holiday trees.

Residents may call 311 to report uncollected trees and greenery.

*Directions to Ft. Totten, 4900 John F. McCormack Drive, NE: Travel east on Irving Street, NW, turn left on Michigan Avenue, turn left on John F. McCormack Drive, NE and continue to the end of the street. Directions from additional locations can be found at http://dpw.dc.gov/node/414922.”

  • JMR

    Ours has been out as per DPW’s instructions since 1/1. Two calls and multiple tweets to 311, and still no pick ups. There are about 10 trees on our small block just waiting for pick up!

    • Petworther

      +1 ours has been out in the back since trash pick up day last week. No luck. Maybe they’re behind because of all that snow we got Tuesday?

      • JMR

        Sadly, I wouldn’t put it past DPW to use that excuse! (Thanks for the chuckle!)

  • DupontDad

    Lots of folks in our block were confused by the change– previously you were supposed to put trees in your tree boxes out front. Now you’re supposed to put them by your normal trash pickup which for us in in the alley behind.

    • Nathan

      Actually I think you were supposed to put them out front until 1/8, then out back. We put ours out back on our 1/6 trash pickup and it wasn’t taken. Moved out out front that evening and its still sitting there. They did a pretty bad job communicating the change. I’m not moving it back.

      • deejay

        Even if you followed their new rule (out front til 1/8, then where your trash gets collected), seems the trees are not being picked up. We noted the change, and waited until 1/12 to put our tree in the alley for our normal trash pick up. It was NOT picked up. Now it will sit there for another week. Hopefully it gets collected next week.

  • JohnH

    The person spamming my inbox with a reply to the Shaw listserv about their “Christmas tree” vs. the DC press release saying holiday trees….please get over yourself.

    • Anon


    • Cassie

      Especially since it’s really a Yule Tree or something else ancient like that.

  • AnonV2

    Maybe they should finish collecting the big piles of leaves that have been in our tree boxes for 2 months first …

    • Truxton Thomas

      Yeah. They actually picked up our tree from the tree box, but the leaves remain.

    • wdc

      Yes, this. I followed instructions for leaf pickup a full month ago, and the bags are still sitting there, attracting trash.

  • ah

    This is good. The first week of January has always seemed a bit soon, especially considering the laudable objective of chipping the trees up for mulch/compost.

    I realize different people have different times as to when to get rid of their tree (Dec. 26 to some time in January), but the early end to the mulching pick up always strikes me as meaning only those with an early disposal get theirs chipped, while all the others end up in a landfill – not such a good outcome.

  • john

    I had mine out by my trash for 3 collection cycles and they never picked it up. So i moved it the tree box out front. DC govt can’t even do the simplest things. It’s really embarrassing, honestly.

  • Blake

    Ours has been out since Dec. 27, and it’s still there. There are also about 10-15 trees on the 1700 block of 17 Street NW that have been there for at least two weeks. I haven’t seen DPW take a single tree yet this year.


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