Washington, DC

millie and al
2440 18th Street, NW

Around Midnight Millie & Al’s tweeted out:

“ATTN: despite what you may have read/heard, Millie and Al’s will not, I repeat, WILL NOT be closing it’s doors.”

To be clear the original article from the Washington Business Journal said the building is for sale and they will be “likely to close“. They didn’t say they were closed or they were closing on a particular date. Just reporting that their building was for sale and “from the broker: The building will be “delivered vacant.” So obvious conclusions were drawn. I’ll also add that this was the same reaction I received when I first wrote about the Stetson’s building being for sale. As we know Stetson’s sold and is now closed. WBJ reached out to Millie and Al’s for comment (as did I) and did not hear back.

On Millie and Al’s Facebook page they wrote:

“Business as usual. We are not closed.
Who started that rumor?

Karaoke Thursday, starts at 9:30pm.”

Raman Santra answered their question: “Your real estate broker”

Anyway the good news is – you can still go to Karaoke and have jello shots. Until you can’t. As was reported. Stay tuned.


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