Red Line Chinatown 8:50am

by Prince Of Petworth January 19, 2016 at 9:08 am 23 Comments


Thanks to Kat for sending this metro mess around 8:50am.

WMATA reported:

“Red Line: Expect residual delays to Shady Grove due to an earlier train malfunction at NoMa-Gallaudet.”


“Shady Grove-bound Red Line passengers expect delays – earlier medical emergency at Farragut North. Trains moving. 8:54a #wmata”

And there was also trouble on the Orange and Silver lines:

“Orange/Silver (7:47a): Crews now responding to a 2nd cracked rail (1st one repaired), this time on inbound track at E Falls Church. #wmata”


“Orange & Silver line trains have resumed 2-track service through East Falls Church. 8:45a #wmata”

  • sproc

    Winter is finally here with a vengeance. Blue and Green lines had earlier drama as well. I noticed Uber drivers out in force this morning, too.

    • Caroline

      Last night was a mess too. My normally 40 minute commute took about an hour and 15 minutes because things kept breaking.

  • also anon

    The red line was terrible and crowded earlier too at 8am. I had a delightful wait for 8 minutes outside at Fort Totten. I can’t stand how WMATA refuses to acknowledge delays fewer than 20 minutes. Missing 3 trains in a row (they’re supposed to be every 3 minutes) means that the train is full by the time it even reaches Fort Totten and no one can get on. How is that not a delay?

  • INDC

    Metro…what a tangled, dysfunctional web of pain and sadness.

  • sweetbabyrae

    Wasn’t the metro GM supposed to ride the Orange line this morning? Hopefully, he’ll understand our pain now and do something about it!

    • It’s just me

      I heard that on the news – something about the GM riding the rails to work this morning. Then I realized that it just said “this morning” rather than that he’d ride metro to work period. Why it isn’t a job requirement that the GM ride metro at least once a workday, I really don’t know.

      • FridayGirl

        He could also take the bus. I know the subway is kind of the big problem but there are other ways to use WMATA to get to work besides the train (which isn’t always convenient depending on your neighborhood). Then again, perhaps he drives.

        • anon

          everyone at metro drives to work. he’s not taking the bus.

        • figby

          Oh, the bus is pretty disgusting, too. Incomprehensible “schedules,” seats more often used as toilets, people fighting, and the drunk guy with four teeth who wants to touch your boobs.

      • Truf

        The CEO of Kraft doesn’t eat Easy Mac.

      • JohnH

        While it may seem common sense, not sure how many airline CEOs are “with the people” in bad situations on a daily basis, etc. Not saying that makes it ok….but he seems to be a bit more “aware” and approachable than we’ve seen from past GMs and the BOD.
        Also, I think people sometimes get tunnel vision when it comes to Metro problems. I was in NY last week and there were delays on a bunch of lines because of a track breaking. This stuff does happen elsewhere too.

        • FridayGirl


      • west_egg

        My understanding is that his apartment is on the Red line and that he uses it regularly. Probably not every day, but likely at least two or three days a week, which is enough to get a good sense of how things go.

  • domrep

    Orange and blue line heading to downtown was a mess as well.

  • JohnH

    The picture looks like normal rush hour to me.
    The medical emergency delays are something they can only do so much about.
    The train malfunction/track problems are annoying. The tweets seem to be an improvement, although it’s tough to change your schedule. Hopefully the GM is experiencing some of this frustration himself. Of course there is only so much he can do in a matter of weeks on the job.

  • MPinDC

    Traffic on 16th St was crawling from Mt Pleasant down to K St, biking would have been a better choice.

    • FridayGirl

      Really? I wonder why. I came down that route around 7:45 and it was totally fine.

      • JohnH

        Everyone’s back to work after a holiday weekend. Traffic is always bad on days like that. The DC rush hour is late (7:45 may be rush hour out in the burbs, but not in the heart of DC).

      • MPinDC

        This was at 8:30 am, I expect that leaving just 15 minutes earlier would make for an easier commute. Or, leaving at 8:30 on my bike!

        • FridayGirl

          +1. This is true. I used to commute at 7:15 and it was heaven even compared to 7:30. I’m slowly trying to convince my office to let me come in even earlier (even though I sound crazy).

          • anon

            I choose to get to work between 7-7:15am precisely because the bus is so easy and fast at that time of day (so is metro but I rarely take it these days). It is peaceful and heavenly, hopefully you can change your schedule.

  • ***

    It’s time WMATA steps up, takes a cue from MTA, and makes some really hard decisions. A major overhaul is needed and the current method of evening and weekend track work is not getting the job done.

  • ECfromDC

    Very happy I never have to be on the train around that time on the weekdays. No later than 7am i’m always on my connecting train to work.


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