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Mehak Authentic Indian Cuisine closes in Chinatown

by Prince Of Petworth January 5, 2016 at 1:25 pm 3 Comments

817 7th Street, NW

My favorite comment from IntangibleArts when we judged Mehak back in 2010:

“I call this one decent “utility-grade” curry. That is, when you wake up & your first thought is I MUST HAVE A CURRY FIX TODAY, like a classic addict (guilty!), it’s a suitable methodone. Not the best but far from wretched. But then, I’d rather have a bad curry than a GOOD anything else.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with “middle of the road”… ask any possum on the B/W parkway.



  • [rrrrr]

    +1 to OP, not at all shocked that it’s going but was a solid option when you needed something. Fortunately I’m blocks from Himalayan Heritage now which is an excellent curry option for anyone who’s jonesing.

  • DCrat

    I really liked this place. My wife and I went there every once in a while. Sometimes it was really good; sometimes, not so much but the prices were good. Sorry to see it go.

  • Jerold Paulson

    There’s also ChatPat, the brick-and-mortar version of the food truck, that’s in the basement of 800K (next to the Indian visa office – have some chicken masala to go with those Delhi dreams…)


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