• Hoodrat

    i hit this place every now and then for lunch. decent food, okay price for a sit-down meal. we need more good indian food in dc, but this is decent.

    • Eric in Ledroiit

      we need more good indian food in dc?!? do you live in the same dc I do? this city is thriving with great indian food. masala art, bombay club, fusion, rasika, mehak, indique, the list goes on and on!!!

      • Hoodrat

        most of those are indeed very tasty (on mehak, i must concur with Intangible below). most of those (rasika, bombay club, indique) are expensive. or expensive fusion food with some indian stuff mixed in (indique). more affordable places tend towards mediocre (mehak, indian ocean, nirvana).

        but i was thinking more of tasty places that are affordable (once-a-week lunch out prices). you know, $8 will buy you a very large and tasty indian lunch at a dozen different restaurants in the east village. (and, well, indigestion at half a dozen others). so, yes, we need more indian food in dc. a kati rolls cart. someone specializing in northern indian cuisine. an all vegetarian indian place (okay, so we have one of those that i know about, but it is mediocre). i could go on. point is — i go a little crazy for indian food, and would love more options. i can’t afford rasika on a regular basis and mehak is shrug-worthy.

        • Eric in Ledroiit

          oh i see, it’s another “the food in new york / chicago / LA” is better post. i get it. ‘cuz that’s not old or anything. and it’s not like manhattan has 1.6 million residents to DC’s 400,000 or anything.

          *rolls eyes*

        • Eric in Ledroiit

          let’s not forget the Fojol Brothers, Delhi Dhabas, Jyoti, Himalayan Heritage, Aman Kitchen, Mayur Kebab House, the suburban Indian places like Woodlands in Fairfax and PG county, Naan and Beyond, Jyoti, the White Tiger, etc. Other than that, we are really hurting for Indian food variety.

          • Hoodrat

            it’s so cute when we get all defensive of DC. it really is a lovely place! i like it, and i chose to live here on purpose, i promise! but no, it’s not a contest. those east village joints are just the kinds of cheap, tasty, varied indian restaurants i would like to see here. but i am only about 5 years into checking out the options, and will be sure to check out any you mention that i haven’t tried. i’ve always been told that some of the surburban options are best. just too far away for me to bother with on a regular basis. what do you like best?

            a couple other thoughts:
            the fojol brothers are awesome!! but sadly, usually too far away.

            white tiger is abominable.

            is jyoti in adams morgan? i recall liking that place pretty well, actually, but i can’t recall what the prices were like. mmmm, maybe for lunch this weekend. nomnom.

          • cavexin

            naan and beyond. is that the place in the “golden triangle” that’s a lunchtime take-out place? horrible! and delhi dhabas, the place up on ct ave nw? crappy as well. have not been to the other places you mentioned.

  • I call this one decent “utility-grade” curry. That is, when you wake up & your first thought is I MUST HAVE A CURRY FIX TODAY, like a classic addict (guilty!), it’s a suitable methodone. Not the best but far from wretched. But then, I’d rather have a bad curry than a GOOD anything else.

    Hey, there’s nothing wrong with “middle of the road”… ask any possum on the B/W parkway.


    • Curtis Mank

      Now we know what has made it necessary for you to wear that damn gas mask all the time.

    • Curtis Mank

      …and why all your friends call you IntangibleFarts behind your back.

      • If you’ve got a gut fulla fermenting vindaloo, boss, you don’t NEED no friends.

  • M

    I thought it was just OK. We ordered delivery, which was convenient as not too many Indian places in DC deliver. I thought the Indian food was a bit bland. I thought the portions were small for the price, relative to other Indian restaurants in DC.

  • when this place first opened how i thought it was really expensive for chinatown. now, i guess it fits right in..

    like intangible, i found it average.
    when i worked in that hood, i just hoofed it to the old post office pavillion and had the indian take out there, which i like better.

  • Tim

    went there a few weeks ago for the first time. I thought teh food was quite good and I dont remember it being overpriced. I also thought it was cool that they had belgian beer at an Indian place. I though I got a Corsendonk. As far as food, my Girlfriend and I got the vegetable and meat platters respectively, which I thought we pretty damn good.

  • DcRat

    I’ve been a couple of times and first time was excellent, second time a bit off but still quite good for the price. It’s not Rasika, but does what is does well.

  • Eric B

    Used to go there for lunch when I worked in that area. Good lunch specials! Also nice cumin-seed mints on the way out.

    • saf

      Not fennel seeds?

  • Eric in Ledroiit

    mehak is overpriced but has great curries.

  • I eat here every once in awhile because it is close to work. The food is okay, and the place is kind of dingy. I hope the kitchen is cleaner than the dining room!

  • me

    I am pretty big on Indian food and I prefer Mehak to pretty much every other place in town that I’ve tried, including the fancy places like Rasika. It’s good, solid Indian food without pretensions and they make a mean lamb rogan josh.

  • Sunny Florida Avenue

    They deliver to 1208 6th NE, so I think they are awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Not a fan. The one time I ate there the AC was barely functioning during summer and there were fruit flies everywhere. The food was meh. I was never encouraged to return.

    There are plenty of better Indian options, even the so-so places.

  • grumpy

    Both times I’ve been there I thought the food was only “meh” quality. And the decor/atmosphere/service is fine but leaves something to be desired. I too long for the days in grad school when I lived within walking distance of 3 very tasty and not too expensive indian restuarants, with a great fourth option for delivery.

  • cavexin

    agree with most posters. mediocre for the price. lunch is ok.


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