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Man Shot at 12pm Today in Petworth

by Prince Of Petworth January 21, 2016 at 2:12 pm 15 Comments

via google maps

From MPD:

“Today around 12:00 PM, MPD responded to the 4500 block of Illinois Avenue, NW, for the sounds of gunshots. We located an adult male suffering from a gun shot wound. The victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment. His injuries are not life threatening.

Anyone with information regarding this offense is asked to call the CIC at 202-727-9099 or text at 50411.”

  • Susan

    Guess we they had to getting their shooting in before the snow emergency

  • Joe

    I think our mayor is showing a lot of leadership.

  • Neighbor

    There has been a fair amount of gun play around Allison St in that area since the summer. Back in the alley between 5th and Illinois. MPD should be aware of it, they come to collect shell casings, but some shooters still at large apparently?! Frustrating to live in fear of the stray bullet coming through the wall!

  • C_petworth

    I moved to petworth 5 years ago and I feel like this past year I have felt more unsafe the normally. Is the neighborhood getting worse?

    • madmonk28

      I feel the same way. We’ve been there almost 11 years and in this past year or so, things are about as bad as they’ve ever been.

    • jcm

      Looking at the crime stats within 1500 feet of this block, in 2011 there were 29 violent crimes, including two homicides, and there were 101 property crimes, including 24 burglaries. In 2015 there were 23 violent crimes, no homicides, and there were 87 property crimes, including 12 burglaries.

      • madmonk28

        So that’s like a 2-3 block radius?

        • jcm

          3 or 4 I’d guess. It’s a little over a quarter mile, if that gives you a better feel for the distances.

    • Frank

      I am having the same experience. I moved here 2 years ago thinking the neighborhood would get better, but I have since been mugged at gunpoint just off Georgia Ave near the Petworth Rec Center and had someone break my car window to steal a pair of gloves on the passenger seat floor. I have pretty much given up on Petworth. I think the biggest problem is that Georgia Avenue in Parkview between Howard University and Petworth metro remains undeveloped and infested with crime and drugs. That has kept progress from moving any farther north. When my lease ends in the spring I am ready to leave.

      • SeventhStreet

        You may as well leave DC then. I’ve lived here in Petworth since 2005 and only crime problem has been my car got sideswiped while parked in front of my house. I had 6 car breakins in DuPont Circle, 2 in Adams Morgan and one in Mt Pleasant. Petworth doesn’t have more crime than other areas and actually has far less than Columbia Heights, U Street, H Street, Bloomingdale or Shaw. So plan on heading to upper NW or the suburbs….

  • another neighbor

    Based on the police tape and a brief chat w/ one of the cops: it was further up toward Buchanan. It also may have been accidental. Still, too many bullets flying for comfort.

  • say what

    Who accidentally fires a gun on the street at least five times? My nanny was home on the block with the kids and heard it. This is insane. I have never been more ready to head to the burbs. I hope everyone takes the time to email Councilmember Todd and ask him what he thinks the City needs to do. My fear is that until a young child is actually shot, no in the CIty will give a shit. It isn’t enough to complain to each other and on the listserves. We need a lot more accountability from elected officials, DYRS, MPD. At least MPD has description and tag number. I have lived in DC 18 years and this is the most unsafe I have ever felt too. Made a million times worse now that I have a young child.

    • Anon

      I would encourage everyone to do exactly this. Every time there is an incident I email Todd. I’m not sure what to expect but just to let him know that these incidents are on our radar and he needs to at least pretend to care. If we fail to continuously reach out to him in these matters his office simply will choose to not pay attention to crime, which seems to be the trend amongst dc leaders. The more emails he gets the more he will know that this is an issue, we are concerned, and we will vote by moving out of the city and taking our tax base with us.

  • zandunga

    I felt safe when I was a teenager growing up in Adams Morgan and DC was murder capital. As an adult, I get paranoid every time I hear of a shooting.

  • Birdie

    Walked by this today, definitely up towards Buchanan. There is still a trail of blood on the sidewalk.


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