• Wandy Rittman

    I live nearby, and the owner of the car will move the cones into that space when she leaves. The funny thing, there is ample parking in our area day/night.

    • AG

      I would just pick up the cones and stack them on the sidewalk. Just to annoy them.

  • boom

    Cones aside, that car is parked at the Kansas Ave NW/3rd St NW intersection…isn’t that technically Petworth and not Brightwood Park?

    • Depends who you ask… But no – now a days that is firmly in the hands of the Brightwood Park battalion. You may wish to counter attack but you’ll need help as the Brightwood Park posse has taken over Wikipedia and Google maps – so you’ll have some catching up to do – good luck!!

      • Boom

        I like to go with concrete evidence…in this case, DC government’s real estate assessment website. 5300 block of Kansas Ave should do the trick!


        • You’re still fighting a losing battle but be sure to send that to the good people at google maps! Good luck!

        • HaileUnlikely

          If you go by that, almost the entirety of what is generally regarded as Takoma, including the Takoma Library and the Takoma Education Campus, i.e., two city-owned facilities with Takoma in their freaking names, are not in Takoma but in Brightwood.

          • textdoc

            Yeah — if you go by the “official subdivision” names in the D.C. tax records, Adams Morgan doesn’t even exist (IIRC… I know my part of Adams Morgan was listed as Mount Pleasant), Park View is considered to be Columbia Heights, etc., etc.

      • AnonJohn

        When did that happen? I used to be in Petworth??!! :)

  • Bdylan89

    Someone should just take these cones. Sorry, you don’t get special treatment to save a space for yourself because you’re to lazy to look for a spot when you get home from work.

  • The OP Anon

    I hate people like this. Especially considering that Brightwood Park has tons of open parking. And they probably even have a parking pad or driveway behind their house. Wtf.

  • wdc

    There’s a woman on my block who has an enemy. Her car gets vandalized pretty regularly, so she will only park it directly in front of her house. So when there isn’t a space within 10 feet of her house available, she sits in her car and waits. I’ve seen her wait for two hours or more, just sitting in her car with her hazards on.
    I’d almost rather she block off her spot, than sit blocking the street.
    Of course, I’d really rather she not bring the kind of people onto our street who would routinely smash her windows and dent her panels.

    • Anonymous

      I missed something…how is she bringing car vandals to your street?

      • womp

        …..because she has an enemy who regularly vandalizes her vehicle.
        (neighbor’s car parked on our shared street) + (vandals regularly targeting neighbor’s car) = (vandals on my street)

        • west_egg

          “she has an enemy who regularly vandalizes her vehicle”
          And this is somehow her fault? Geez, talk about victim blaming. Happy Friday!

          • womp

            oh, please. no one is victim blaming. what we are doing, however, is pointing out a common denominator (and it doesn’t mean it’s the only one). let’s remember our fractions!

          • west_egg

            No, what you’re doing is as clear an example of victim blaming as I’ve ever seen. This woman gets her windows bashed in by an “enemy” and wdc says she “brings” the activity to his/her street. I’d posit that unless OP’s neighbor is sending out invitations to destroy her car, it’s the vandals who are “bringing” that activity, not the woman in question.

    • madmonk28

      I bet she wishes that she wasn’t repeatedly victimized by someone, but you’re the real victim here.

  • Perhaps she’s anticipating snow in the forecast soon? Used to bug the heck out of me when I lived in Boston – people would get very defensive over publicly owned parking spots that they dug out during snow storms (you see it sometimes in DC, but not as wide spread). So, when digging out my car nearby and looking for a good spot for the snow (don’t want to pile in the street or sidewalk, and not many front yards), that would often be the only place to put it. Of course, I was younger and significantly less mature then …

  • Aaron

    I would take the cones and throw them in an alley somewhere.

  • Hmmmm

    Aren’t those Viriginia plates? If they’ve been parking in the area for more than 30 days, they should be ticketed for failing to register: http://dmv.dc.gov/service/registration-out-state-automobile-rosa-0. Can you flag this to MPD or DMV?

  • SydneyP

    Move the clones to the roof of the car. There they can serve a real function — as a “dunce-cap” and a beacon to proclaim, “I’m owned by a clueless narcissist!”

    • DRC

      No. Potentially damaging someone’s car is never the answer. Do whatever stupid crap you want with the cones, but don’t touch the car. Seriously, I would do physical harm to you if you did physical harm to my vehicle. (not my car in the above photo)

  • SWDC

    That’s not even that nice a car….

  • Anon

    Cones? Awful. This is the classy way to keep the proles away from your ride: http://www.sbnation.com/lookit/2014/7/22/5926163/marshawn-lynch-parking-lamborghini-velvet-ropes

    Go Seahawks!

  • Vania

    I walk by these all the time. The owner has actually written warning messages all over the cones. I’ve never stopped to read, but they are along the lines of the title of the post. :) what you can’t see is the plate says “OVER4T” . One of my favorite cars on the block.


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