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Fear Not – Fans will “still be able to order the brisket chili nachos and Smokehouse bomb waffle”

by Prince Of Petworth January 13, 2016 at 4:00 pm 7 Comments

Wicked Bloom, 1540 North Capitol Street, NW


From a press release:

“Since opening it’s door in October 2013, DCity Smokehouse has become the go-to location for great DC-centric BBQ. Now the loved restaurant prepares for it’s next stage as chef Rob Sonderman steps down and a new pit master is named.

DCity Smokehouse’s parent company Southeast Restaurant Group is pleased to announce Shawn McWhirter as the new lead pit master. Shawn hails from Hill Country and has been known as the all-important guy behind the smoker since DCity’s inception.

“Rob Sonderman has been a great asset to DCity Smokehouse and we wish him the best as his next endeavor,” says Scott Jacobs, SERG co-owner. “Furthermore, this is an exciting time for us as we name Shawn McWhirter as our new lead pit master. Shawn has played in important role as part of our “Brisket Squad” for more than two years and we’re looking forward to having him and the rest of the team continue to deliver great BBQ to our beloved neighbors far and wide. DCity Smokehouse fans can expect the same great food integrity they have always loved.”

Where can you find us?

As the doors to the 8 Florida Ave NW location closed late last year, this past Monday marked the opening of the new pop-up location housed just around the corner at sister location Wicked Bloom DC (1540 N. Capitol Street). Here fans can enjoy a menu featuring the best items from the former DCity Smokehouse from the ever-popular Brisket Champ sandwich to the pork ribs and tips. Fans will still be able to order staples from the Wicked Bloom menu like the brisket chili nachos and Smokehouse bomb waffle. And this spring DCity will open the highly-anticipated 83-seat (indoor and outdoor) location at 203 2nd Street NW.”

  • Frank

    DCity Smokehouse was far and away the best bbq in the city. So until I try the brisket, wings, ribs, and brussel sprouts and determine that the quality has not suffered — I will remain in panic mode.

    • Philippe Lecheval

      +1. I’m hopeful, since the guy is already smoking the BBQ there, but I’ve seen this scenario far too many times in DC restaurants: A new place opens up to great accord, only to lose its original head chef a number of months later, and the quality/menu suffer irreparable damage.

    • Anon

      I’ve had some rather mediocre brisket (read: dried out) the last couple of times I’ve eaten there – this could explain it. I really hope this doesn’t start a trend…

  • ~ The Dali Lama of Bloomingdale

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO Thanks. I will follow Rob. DCIty was All Rob and he made it the success it was. I hope he opens up in Bloomingdale, my business will go to the talent. Woot Woot Rob, come on back to B-Dale, your peeps will find you! : )

    Looking forward to 2016, don’t be long on your new endeavor, I won’t touch Q till its smoked by YOU : )

    • PDinDC

      “Dalai” Lama, I had the Smokehouse Melt yesterday and it was as on point as ever. I would be excited to try Rob’s new spot too, but haven’t noticed any change in the delicious Q at the Bloom.

  • LionofLedroit

    Technical comment: I think the address of their new spot is 203 Florida Ave NW, not 203 2nd Street NW, unless they’re planning to smoke brisket in front of the Capitol ;).

  • ECfromDC



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