Cute Kitten Found

by Prince Of Petworth January 11, 2016 at 11:58 am 7 Comments


A reader writes:

“I found this cat crying last night around 16th and Lang Pl NE. It seems very sweet and can’t tell if it’s a stray or someone’s lost pet–it’s very friendly and affectionate. For now it’s in my apartment but am going to call the Humane Society later to see if she’s microchipped or not but wanted to post in case someone is missing it.”

  • Thanks for taking her in! I guess you know to keep her isolated from your own cats & their litterbox? (If you have cats that is.)

  • Near Northeast

    Animal Control, which is run by the Humane Society, will come and check an animal for microchipping 24/7; I’ve called after midnight and had an officer come by with the scanner by 1 a.m. No need to wait to place that call. 202-576-6664.

  • textdoc

    Aww, what a cute kitten!
    I wonder if she was abandoned by someone who was moving. :( Glad you took her in!

  • Lisa

    A little Calico Doll. I hope she is reunited with her owner soon!

  • Cam

    If the kitten has a home, hope she finds it, but if not, I’d welcome her in mine!

    • There are dozens of kittens and cats looking for homes! Just take a look online with Homeward Trails, Four Paws, WARL etc. If you don’t have time to scroll through the hundreds available, you can simply contact the rescue group and tell them what you’re looking for. (Size, age, temperment, good with kids, dogs etc.) Most cats and all kittens are in foster homes. You can pretty much place an order!

  • 5!

    There’s a bunch of street cats in Trinidad, most of them are very much appreciated for their help keeping rodent and pest problems in check. I found my cat when he was a kitten and his litter was wandering around outside. We found homes for many of his siblings and he’s been a great companion and a solid protector of my apartment, zero problems with rodents or insects, can’t say the same for my neighbors.


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