• Oldhouselover

    Seems like this is becoming a thing in the neighborhood. First New Years Eve at 14th and Taylor, now this a few blocks away.

  • spookiness

    Guess those holiday credit card bills are starting to roll in.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve lived in a number of major cities, but I’ve never seen so many car fires as I have in the greater DC area. I see at least 3 car fires on the surrounding highways every summer while driving (hint: I don’t drive that much).
    What gives?

    • Rich

      Move to Atlanta. You’ll see explosions when clowns decide to move over 3 lanes of traffic when there isn’t enough room and then ricochet off the center divider.

      • textdoc

        For what it’s worth… I saw crazy lane-crossing (like 4 lanes at once) on the highways when I lived in Atlanta, but I never saw any car fires.

      • Autoexec.bat

        Can confirm. Grew up in Atlanta and the frequency of car fires and gruesome wrecks is much higher there. Don’t know why but it’s definitely a thing.

    • spookiness

      Poor maintenance. There are certain places/roads where every time I drive on them you can count on a least 1 car pulled over every mile or less either dead, changing a tire, waiting for a tow, etc.


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