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  • Petworth Diva

    Looking forward to the doggie daycare. I used to take my dog to Planet Pet @ its old location then when it moved to 14th St, & they closed in November. Hope it won’t cost an arm & a leg.

    • Dog owner

      Does anyone know when the new doggie daycare is opening? I sent a question through their website, but did not receive a response.

      • MFLDC

        I did the same thing — and got no reply. I am worried about this given the original notice/press release was in June. And, what with the turmoil over at Planet Pet — i.e., moving, opening on 14th, but not really ready, sale, closure, and supposed re-opening — I am concerned that Planet Pet won’t really be an option. Has anyone walked by to see if they are making progress?

  • anon

    Whoa. Yoga Works is coming to DC. That’s a huge chain that local studios use for certification. I love the studios in CA, but I wonder if this means they will only do trainings at their location rather than at the studios owned and run by locals.

  • K

    Has anyone taken a class at a Yogaworks studio before? I am curious what kind of yoga they offer exactly. Looks like a little bit of everything.

  • jd

    Yoga studio is genius business idea. you don’t need 6 figure multi year education or rich parents.
    Step 1 Rent a bare bones space
    Step 2 Charge people lots of money to do stretches with you.
    Step 3 Hire someone else to run the class while you go do something else.
    The profit margin must be sick.

    • Anonymous

      There’s also a glut of people with yoga certifications. The wages are not very high, unless you’re a famous yogi with a strong social media following. And even then, you’ll make more as a Fed. Highest cost is real estate and renovating the space. You’d still need at least $50K upfront to get started.

  • Petworth Diva

    I parked in front of the old Planet Pet location & it doesn’t look like anything is going on. It’s a shame. I liked them. Another place I won’t name here didn’t supervise my dog when she was boarded & her collar got chewed up. Hoping this new place will be better.

    • MFLDC

      That is a real shame given that they were supposed to re-open by mid-December. I relied very much on Planet Pet (and Dogs by Day before that) — and they had a great business model that seems to have just disappeared.

  • B

    Um, when do we reach yoga/spin/cycling studio saturation?

    • say what

      Considering all the classes seemed packed or sold out everywhere, I think we still have a ways to go on saturation. DC is a town full of type A people, I would guess thats why we also have probably the highest crossfit places per capita too

  • lil squeaks

    I’ve seen that doggie daycare sign up since I moved to this block about a year and a half ago. I walk by it every day and have not seen any progress whatsoever.

  • yogata

    I love how yoga works is calling themselves part of Logan Circle….What neighborhood would you consider it? Surprised they don’t think they are in popular shaw!

    • Anonymous

      This is straight up Columbia Heights. They are on the slope of the hill and north of Florida Ave! Wtf.

    • jd

      Maybe they live in 2012 and think Logan is cool. I’m pretty sure Shaw will annex everything south of park rd, east of the park and west of cap street before long. I predict Washington DC will change it’s name to Shaw by 2018.


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