• FridayGirl

    I heard that there was supposed to be a “VIP Visit” to the Jefferson Hotel at 16th and M, which is what I thought caused the awful traffic tonight. But if this is the same thing, it looks more suspicious than a VIP visit….

    • It looks like that smoke could be a grate venting too.

    • kallie

      This “VIP visit” was what was causing gridlock on 17th and 16th down that way tonight. Tons of police and streets closed off around the Jefferson.

  • Zack

    That manhole has been steaming like that for two weeks, all day, all night. Doesn’t appear to be anything else.

    • I was just thinking that too!

    • mcd

      Yep- seems to be steam. I drive it frequently as well. When it is really steaming like this it reminds me of a “city” scene from a bad 80’s movie… :-)

  • jb

    The traffic is normal. There is also construction going on and the sewers have been spewing out the steam the last week or so.

    • Thanks!

    • Idontgetit

      My shuttle bus drives through this every night and it has been going on for years!

      • I. Rex

        I second that its been happening for years. I remember thinking it made it look like an atmospheric movie set like 8 years ago.

    • Anonymous

      No, police actually closed Pennsylvania and several other streets between 15th and 13th. Appeared to be some event or “important” guest. Long line outside White House (not out of ordinary) and all traffic was being diverted.

  • Phil

    Somewhat related since Downtown was gridlocked earlier: is there a reason that these types of high-security events have to happen right in the middle of rush hour and not mid-day? It’s getting way worse than it used to.

    • petworther

      They are usually campaign fundraising events and happen around that time because they are dinners. They are getting worse because we’re approaching an election year. They’ll continue to get worse through about the Tuesday after the first Monday in November 2016.

    • BMouse

      Might as well start walking home. S buses were a mess tonight.

    • Ward One Resident

      It’s probably getting worse, not because of the volume of events, but because the volume of people living and working in the District has grown.

      • FridayGirl

        On a similar note, I’m also wondering how much WMATA’s crappy metro system is affecting the traffic. I wouldn’t be surprised if a significant number of folks who used to take the subway switched to driving in the past year or so.

        • Anonymous

          In the States

  • traffic cop

    Nothing unusual – this occurs frequently. Just steam.

  • ClePark

    I do not think I have ever gone by that manhole and not seen steam coming out. This seems a lot more than usual, but when driving by there and on bike rides that pass over that spot almost every weekend morning, I go right through some billowing steam.

    • dat

      Exactly. Those manholes have been blowing out steam for years.

      • Philippe Lecheval

        Yep. And it must be a perfectly normal occurrence, like maybe a pressure release point in the system.

  • A

    We get it, you vape.

  • reality

    I used to work in that area. Steam pours out of the manholes around EEOB / 17th street every year when it’s cold.


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