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Shooting 10:30pm Sat. Night around 9th and Ingraham Street, NW

by Prince Of Petworth December 13, 2015 at 8:37 am 11 Comments

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From MPD:

“Just after 10:30 PM on December 12, 2015, MPD received multiple 911 calls for the sounds of gunshots in the vicinity of 9th & Ingraham Streets, NW. Officers responded to the location and located several cartridge casings in the block. A short time later, an adult male victim showed up at a local area hospital suffering from a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. The victim stated that he was shot in the area where the casings were found. Anyone with information regarding this crime is asked to call (202) 729-9099 or text 50411.”

  • Anonymous

    Ward 4 is a mess.

  • madmonk28

    Vote Bowser.

  • jim_ed

    This one way way too close to home for comfort. 5 shots, semi auto. Someone shot into a full car of people just north of Ingraham on 9th. MPD responded within 5 minutes, on bicycles, but seemed a little….nonchalant about it, letting several cars drive through the crime scene before seeming to realize that an actual shooting had occured and shutting down the block.
    Judging by the location and the description of the shooting, I would bet a mortgage payment that it involves the area morons on Jefferson.

    • Petworth Resident

      Can you elaborate on what you mean by the “area morons on Jefferson?” Is there a specific block that causes problems? I too am in the area, had a party on Saturday night where some of my guests might have walked near and just wondering.

      • Most of the issues in the immediate area stem from a crew that hangs out around 8th and Jefferson (sometimes over on 7th and Jefferson as well). There have been a few shootings at or around that corner, and they usually involve the same group of people. There have been a number of community meetings about it, particularly when there was a number of incidents in a short period of time a while back.

      • HaileUnlikely

        I know less than others here about the morons of Jefferson, but several months ago there was a comically-depressing WaPo article about an arrest following a homicide in the area that will give you a decent overview of what sorts of morons you may have to deal with:
        “Glenn R. Walker, who lives steps from Eighth and Jefferson streets where the shooting occurred, was charged Friday with first-degree murder…” “…Another witness said he was in the area to buy drugs and saw four people, including the man who was arrested, standing around the car when Adams was shot, according to the affidavit. That man told police he called 911, then went to the suspect’s house on Jefferson Street to buy drugs.”


      • jim_ed

        Basically what the others have said. The blocks of Jefferson from roughly 9th to 7th – and occasionally surrounding blocks depending on where they’ve set up shop – have had a seemingly immovable open drug market, and a ton of shooting crime to go along with it. MPD and the local ANCs have focused on it, and its quieted down in the last twelve months. MPD doesn’t share the specifics of who is who but it basically boils down to an ongoing issue of people buying and selling drugs, then shooting each other over the drugs.

        • jim_ed

          Also, in regards to your guests walking there; I would emphatically recommend you tell visitors to avoid walking on Jefferson, especially late at night. Although they’ve had shootouts as early as 8am, so maybe just avoid it altogether.

          • Petworth Resident

            Thank you, that’s very helpful. Is there any other information about community meetings in the area? I am technically across GA Ave, so in a slightly different ANC, but as you mentioned in your first comment, this hits close to home.

    • anon

      I heard the same 5 rapid semi-auto shots also. They sounded like a pretty large gun, and I was about 5 blocks away at the time.

  • Anon

    I live at 9th and Jefferson and I heard these shots as well. This area is bananas. I can’t walk around at night by myself and if I walk around during the day I have to be VERY careful. It’s like a f**cking war zone over there. I can’t walk outside without being sexually harassed. My husband and I have started referring to Kennedy Street as the Rape Corridor. For what I paid for my Petworth house, I could have bought a mansion in the suburbs…


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