Washington, DC

Update from WW:

“I entered the dog park at the small dog park where he urinated and then I opened the gate between the large and small dog park where two greyhounds attacked my 7 month old pup (who has not had a problem playing there until this). The greyhounds pinned him to the ground. He squealed and they would not let him up. I yelled for the owner, who was sitting on a bench with her brother, to call off her dogs. She informed me that was how they play. My dog yelped again. My “kick” was using my foot to be between her dog and mine as I freed mine and physically tossed him back into the small dog park. The greyhounds pressed around me, into that part of the park and more yelps and screaming before I could get the gate closed. I did swing the leash hand at them (happened to be holding it when the attack happened) to shoo the dog-aggressive dogs away from my dog who was trying to hide beneath me.

A witness sitting on the bench said to me she would have done the same and I shall gladly seek her out to respond to this post as well.

I was standing in the small dog park when this person took my pic threatening to call the police. When I told her to feel free to do so and that I would gladly wait, she decided she wanted a picture where she would “ruin” me “on all the blogs.” While I am disappointed in POPville’s willingness to engage the smear, I am glad to have my version published beside hers. Further, I challenge any user of the park to observe these dog-aggressive greyhounds OP brings and to observe mine as well as observe my in-park behavior As well as hers. I am quite comfortable with those conclusions.

“Dear PoPville,

Last week at the Shaw Dog Park (11th and R) between 10:45-11am the man above kicked my dog and swung a leash at his face while I was standing right there. According to him, he didn’t like the way my dog was interacting with his dog, which will happen in dog parks at times. It is perfectly understandable to be nervous or uncomfortable about how two dogs are playing or interacting. What concerns me is that this owner thought it was appropriate to become physically aggressive with my dog. Separating dogs is one thing, but hitting, kicking, or swinging objects at a dog is unacceptable.

When confronted about his behavior, he seemed to think it was totally acceptable that he could take any action to ‘protect’ his dog, who had not been attacked in any capacity and was not at all hurt, and kept swinging right in front of me. In fact the only reason he stopped swinging at my dog is that my brother stepped in between him and the dog. If my brother hadn’t stepped in, I can’t say whether or not he would have hit me with the metal leash as I tried to protect my dog. It was that aggressive.

I’m not writing to you for validation or to sling mud at another person, but rather because you have a big forum and this man made me fear for the safety of my dog and didn’t make me feel safe. My only goal is to inform other owners, who frequent the park, to be mindful that this man feels it is completely appropriate to hit and kick other dogs and will do so again.

He agreed to have his picture taken, which is why he’s smiling and waving, even when I told him that I was going to circulate it.”

Ed. Note: Per request the original photo has been removed.


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