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Props to WMATA: “We apologize for the inconvenience that you experienced. A refund will be provided to you”

by Prince Of Petworth December 18, 2015 at 2:25 pm 8 Comments

metro props
Photo by PoPville flickr user Julian Ortiz

A reader writes “Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to.”:

“Thank you for contacting the Office of Customer Relations. We apologize
for the inconvenience that you experienced. A refund will be provided to you in the form of a complimentary free ride ticket.
Please respond to this email with your mailing address and I will send the ticket immediately. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention, and thank you for using Metro.”

For those curious about the inconvenience experienced:

“I waited this afternoon at Pentagon City for over 20 minutes only to find out from the station manager upon exiting (without having boarded a train) that the Yellow Line was single-tracking. No information was provided on the signs indicating single-tracking was in progress, and the ETAs for Yellow Line trains was at or below 10 minutes during my entire wait. Eventually, I had to find an alternate method of transportation in order to make my meeting.”

  • Count Pheasant

    OP, buy a lottery ticket.

    • NotGrinchandNotScrooge

      I’m OP, and this gets +(current Powerball pot)

  • Michael

    I’ve been getting refunds from Metro for years. It’s easy – after they screw up and you end up having to find another method of transportation:
    1.Pretend to swipe your wallet and walk closely behind someone going through the turnstiles
    2.Repeat until you have made up for the cost their incompetence imposed on you, then begin paying again.

  • Truxton Thomas

    Nice “Miracle on 34th Street” reference. RIP, Maureen O’Hara.

  • Leeran

    This is great , but they’re not always so helpful. A few weeks ago when no trains were running west on the O/B/S lines for about 25 min during rush hour, I called for a refund after being late to work. The man I spoke with pretended to have no idea about the minor meltdown, said he’d get back to me after speaking with a supervisor, and then I obviously never heard anything.

  • soulshadow55

    Just a quick question to ask of anyone who catches the bus: have you had the bus just drive past you and not stop even if it’s not full? I’ve had several situations during my evening commute when I see the bus coming I walk closer to the curb so that the driver will see that I want to get on his bus but he ignores me and drives off! It’s like they don’t want to pick up passengers at certain stops or you have to get into the middle of the street and flag them down before they will actually stop for you. I waited for the 54 bus one evening and the driver saw me walk to the curb so that I could be picked up but the red light changed to green and he sped through the intersection and left me. It happened again on 12/17/15 as I watched the S4 bus coming to my stop. The light was red and the bus was in the middle lane. There were two cars in front of him and he honked at them to move up so that he could get closer to the curb. However, again, the light changed from red to green and he drove off past my stop. I even made eye contact with him while he was waiting for the light to change. I even I held up my SmartTrip card to let him know that I wanted to picked up. But once the light changed he just sped off. I’ve even been on the bus and watched them drive past people waiting at the bus stops and I’ve seen the anger and frustration on people’s faces. What is wrong with these drivers, why don’t they want to pick up passengers. I just wrote an email to WMATA to tell them what’s happening and to get an explanation but I doubt there will be a valid one.

  • Jessica

    I got WMATA to send me two free ride tickets after two particularly bad orange/silver line delays in late November and early December. The bad part is that the tickets are paper, and if you want to use them on the train you need to show it to the station manager at the station that you enter and the station you leave, as opposed to credit you could add to your smart trip. Appreciate the free rides but not looking forward to waiting around for station managers to appear during my commute.

  • jdegg

    More props to WMATA: I wrote Brandon Todd’s office about the lights on the path through the park at Fort Totten. They were all dark so the path was unlit.

    Todd’s office asked WMATA to investigate the lights, because WMATA is in charge of them. They were turned on the next day.

    While it certainly wasn’t great they were off, I appreciate how quickly WMATA responded.


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