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Mayor Bowser Moves from Riggs Park to Colonial Village

by Prince Of Petworth December 8, 2015 at 9:45 am 32 Comments

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Personally I don’t understand how somebody so closely identified with a neighborhood could just pick up and move but The Washington Post reports:

“Now, nearly a year after she took over the top post in the District, Mayor Bowser is moving to a bigger home directly east of Rock Creek Park in Colonial Village — a Ward 4 neighborhood in upper Northwest where the colonial-style homes can sell for upward of $1 million.”

Back in August The Post had a great article on her Riggs Park home that was a duplex where the other owners were Colombian refugees.

  • My neighborhood! It’s actually a great neighborhood, with charming homes (and a few mansions) and ideally located to multiple transportation methods, including the SS metro, 16th street bus lines and car2go (which can’t cross over the DC border). Not that Bowser will be using any of these methods.

  • Accountering

    She had all the slush money left over from her bogus FreshPAC. Had to spend the money somewhere apparently.

  • also anon

    Is anyone really surprised? I was actually surprised she stayed in a duplex in Riggs Park for so long.

  • Shepard Park

    Is this why she changed the school boundaries to continue to include this neighborhood despite recommendations to the contrary?

  • Petworth_dude

    Wow, I love how the Post article refers to Upper Michigan Park as “working class.” Some of the houses there are on the market for almost $450K. Not exactly working class for the year 2015.

    • The OP Anon

      A pair of married public school teachers could swing that mortgage. Working-middle class definitely.
      Also, you need to look at the neighborhood’s existing owners, many have of whom have owned for a loooooooooong time and worked federal jobs.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I think the days of working class *buyers* are almost gone, but most of the current owners are not recent buyers.

    • Accountering

      Please remember, working class in DC is different than working class elsewhere. Two police officers could easily swing this mortgage.
      One police officer with some tenure could afford this mortgage.
      Teachers in DC start in the 50s, and police officers do as well.

      • Ben

        Two people making 50k putting down 90k on a mortgage is a stretch at best. Doable but not the norm considering student loan payments etc.

    • textdoc

      The house prices aren’t working class anymore, but I suspect most of the neighborhood’s population is working class.

  • B’dale

    PoP’s introductory sentence is perfect and deserves more attention in this comment section.

    • dat

      I don’t think people get it :-)

    • OR

      I’m so glad somebody else picked up on that. I’m dying.

      • Nobody clicks on linked text anymore and we have really short memories… :)

        • AG

          I laughed. :-)

        • tke

          That was the best part of the article.

        • ShermanCircle

          I got it and made me chuckle! Way to be sarcastically self-critical (Petworth misses you all the same)

        • ChenChen

          haha didn’t realized you linked to the article but that’s the first thing I thought of when I read the first sentence of this post.

          “Didn’t heeee move?”

        • Anon

          I was going to comment “Touche, PoP.” Didn’t even need to click on the text, but ran my cursor over it to verify it was what I thought it was. Hilarious!

  • shaw

    Not surprising that she moved, but it is surprising that we still don’t have a mayoral mansion like many cities a fraction of our size. I remember there was talk, long ago during the Williams administration, of converting the old Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square at the foot of the convention center into one – making the upper floor the “residence”, having the Mayor’s main offices on the middle floor, and then converting the main level into a grand entertaining space with catering kitchens and the like in the basement. I don’t remember if it got derailed due to funding issues or William’s modesty (he lived in a little apartment in Foggy Bottom and seemed to like it) or if it was just deemed to difficult to secure in that area, but I have always thought it seemed odd that we didn’t have one.
    Then again, thinking back, we rarely have a Mayor who is married, and I can’t even remember the last one we had who had young children (or if that’s ever happened), so perhaps something like that would be a bit much for just one person!

    • sasa

      Fenty had two young sons when he was Mayor.

    • AA

      Fenty had young kids (twins). There was a HUGE stink about them getting into Lafayette elementary OOB (because that’s nearly impossible for anyone.).

    • Kelly

      Yeah, usually I am a curmudgeon about spending on things like “executive mansions” but we spend more as taxpayers setting up the expensive security infrastructure at each and every private home of every Mayor.

      Better yet, UDC bought a beautiful house on beautiful grounds in a very nice neighborhood, then spent half a million renovating it, yet has sat empty for years because the past Presidents preferred the 70K dollar a year housing allowance than to living in the University Presidents Mansion.

      Now, UDC is looking to sell it. So in summary, the District Government already owns a house it paid a fortune for, paid a fortune to renovate to accommodate large social gatherings that would be perfect as a Mayors residence.

      But hey, that would make too much sense.

      • Shaw

        And that’s exactly where I am coming from – offer a residence with the security (paid for by taxpayers) already there. If the Mayor declines it, they can pay for security upgrades to their own home out of pocket.
        I didn’t know about the UDC residence, but I’d say that is one place to trim the budget right there! Cut the housing subsidy to the president. Either they live where we offer them a place or they pay for their own home with their salary just like the rest of us.

  • Los

    Methinks she won’t be running for re-election and is probably looking for a gig in the private sector.

    • Dan

      Exelon, perhaps?

  • rebecca

    I wonder what house — I run through that neighborhood a lot and watch the market. There are some beauties on E. Beach and on the hill over looking Rock Creek. Welcome to the hood and wave if you see us run by with a brittany spaniel.

  • Hill Res

    “Qu’ils mangent de la cake”

  • John Galt

    She’s making more money as mayor than she ever could doing anything else. I don’t begrudge her not wanting to live around the people she advocates so vigorously for. I just wonder how those lowly constituents will think of this when they find out she is no longer a “woman of the people”.

    I was at one of my rental properties East of the River. She was campaigning and I had a chance to speak with her on my front porch. She was gushing that she was just like me and identified with SE residents. Identity politics at its finest. Only problem is that although I am black, I don’t live in SE. Nor am I poor. She only saw my color.

    • Riggs Park

      Like any politician, she wore her campaign face, because the Bowser that we’ve long known in Riggs Park has NEVER been a “woman of the people.”

  • mona

    Well if you look in redfin for colonial village there is only one house for sale and it is for over 2 million. I have to assume she has a contract on the house so that leaves two other houses both in the 800k range. Neither house is over the top but nice homes with regular amenities

  • V

    because it’s the gold coast, darling… #movingonup


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