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It’s True – I moved from Petworth but my love remains and I’m still living in the District!

by Prince Of Petworth July 13, 2015 at 3:05 pm 144 Comments


Well I consulted with my board of directors, actually just my friend Eric – the Lord of Petworth who advised me that my private life is my private life and I don’t need to post about it. But since I’ve been so publicly associated with Petworth I feel it’s important to let folks know because I’m not hiding anything (I can actually hear some of my haters salivating…) First off I love Petworth. It has shaped who I am today in many many ways and I will always love Petworth.

Before I went public about this to anyone, some folks started tweeting and emailing about my house being for sale – intimating that I was moving for safety reasons. That is simply not true. Am I thrilled with the recent occasional violence? Obviously not – but after 12 and a half years – I promise you it is way better today than when I first moved in. So let’s just get this out of the way – I moved because of schools. I have a 2 and a half year old daughter and was zoned out of my preferred elementary school last year. So basically my wife and I did some calculations – did we want to jump on the charter school lottery roller coaster (which has worked well for many, but has also been a disaster for others) or take the easier route (and recognizing that I am very lucky to even have this as an option) by moving into a different feeder school district. And because I’m being up front here – there was another calculation – we have another baby girl on the way too. So I thought if we are going to move – it would be easier now before the second baby is born. So after weeks of no sleeping, literally, I said let’s just see what happens and see if we can find anything in our price range. I also knew I could sell my house now pretty easily and spring/early summer is a good time to buy. I was lucky enough to find a house that my family loves. I’m happy to go into more detail with folks at the next happy hour coming up soon – but that is in a nutshell how it happened.

So, where did I move?

I am sorta returning to my roots (when I first moved to DC I lived in Woodley Park then Cleveland Park) and am now living in between Van Ness and Tenleytown. How did I choose North Cleveland Park? Besides the schools, I needed to be someplace where I could still do my walkabouts all over the District in a 4-6 hour range. I also wanted to be walkable to metro, buses, libraries and restaurants. Fortunately, I managed to end up on a very beautiful block with warm welcoming neighbors.

For those who fear this site will change – fear not. I’ve been posting from here for over two weeks – so if you haven’t noticed a change yet you will not in the future either. Why is that? Like I said – I still love Petworth and all of the great neighborhoods on the green line and beyond that I’ve been covering for close to nine years now. I’ve always said that what I love most about DC today is taking advantage of and appreciating the revitalization happening all over the District not just in Petworth, thus the birth of PoPville. So my coverage will continue to focus from Petworth to Navy Yard to SW Waterfront to Shaw to Columbia Heights to Bloomingdale to Brookland to Takoma to H Street, NE to Hill East – to everywhere in between. I will always be interested in and focus my attention on where the action is and where the fun stuff is happening.

Believe me, it kills me to move from Petworth just when Upshur Street is absolutely exploding with new restaurants and bars. Petworth also has a great jazz and dance series not to mention the phenomenal Farmers Market, Old Soldiers Home and neighbors I genuinely love. But there comes a point when decisions are made using a different calculus. I’m happy to say that you’ll still see me walking around with a camera around my neck and smile on my face knowing that Petworth continues to get better as does much of DC. I’ve already done the walk and it only takes me 40 minutes to walk from my house to Petworth Citizen :) I look forward to continuing to chronicle the changes in Petworth as well as the “next Petworth” along with all the other great neighborhoods that make up DC. It’s funny, I had such a fear telling my friends and neighbors about this move but 99% of them all responded the exact same way – “yeah that makes perfect sense” and the other 1% is just my ornery friend James. Anyway, I will still post on PoPville as Prince of Petworth and you can still email me at [email protected] because as another neighbor reminded me – being the “prince” and appreciating the beautiful life has always been rooted in philosophy rather than geography.

  • Shawess

    Congratulations on the new place and on the upcoming arrival of the little lady!

  • Good luck

    More power too you. Hopefully bowser and Brandon Todd will take note and think about why they’ve driven another good asset to the area out to upper nw. We’ll probably do the same eventually.

    • DuxBellorum

      In one of now Mayor Bowser campaign meetings I heard her say that “DC public school system is the ENVY OF THE.NATION” what a joke, couldnt believe it, knowing what I know about the DC schools and. Its operation.

  • ParkViewRes

    OMG!! Congrats. I was scared at first…I thought the worst and figured you moved to Virginia or Maryland! Oh and congrats on the second baby. Schools, schools…that’s what it always seems to come down to, which is understandable.

    • MVT

      Ha. I was thinking the exact same thing.

    • James Tq

      The worst? Ha, I live in VA and love it. I’ve also lived in Shepherd Park and Mt. Pleasant. The city is great for some things and absolutely horrendous for others. The suburbs are much more middle ground for almost everything.

  • anon

    Congrats PoP!

  • Amy Anne

    Welcome to my neighborhood!

  • Sultan of Shaw

    The Prince of Petworth is dead. Long live the Viscount of Van Ness!

    • ScienceTeacher


    • BBBB

      or the Count of Cleveland Park!

  • anon

    congrats on the big move and the new baby!!

  • Ashley

    Big congrats on all fronts! We’re slightly behind you with an almost-two-year-old and DREAD the school issue like the plague. Glad you were able to find a solution that worked for your family!

  • Egad

    Completely understandable. Congrats, PoP, and keep living “the Beautiful Life!”

  • Tenleyworth

    But the Mayor has promised “Deal for all!” You mean you don’t trust the mayor to adequately solve our city’s education inequities through the same failed Rhee / Henderson policies that the last two administrations tried to implement (and failed)?

  • Smilla

    Thank you for the update and the full disclosure/honesty. I’ve always considered PoPville so much more than simply Petworth. It’s the best local DC site around, as far as I’m concerned, so I don’t care where you live as long as it’s in the area!

    Congratulations on the new home and the upcoming new baby!

  • KPS

    Congratulations! Change is good.

  • suzindc


  • Anon Imus

    It seems to me that is a slightly more upscale part of town, all the ads on the site must’ve been worth it

    • Accountering

      I see what you did there.
      With that said, prices are actually fairly similar. Perhaps 30-40% higher, but we aren’t talking by two houses in Petworth for the price of one in North Cleveland Park (is that a thing?!)

      • dcd

        Yes, there is a North Cleveland Park – it’s called Van Ness. Just like North Bethesda is Rockville, and North Potomac is Gaithersburg.

        • NCP

          North Cleveland Park is a thing. Van Ness is the name of the commercial district surrounding the metro stop (and I bet the name wasn’t used to describe the area before the metro was built). North Cleveland park is the residential neighborhood roughly north of Sidwell and south of Abermarle between WI and CT aves. And then Forest Hills is the neighborhood on the other side of CT ave.

          North Cleveland Park isn’t analogous to North Potomac because calling that part of Gaithersburg North Potomac is about making the area seem more affluent, and that itsn’t so much of an issue in North Cleveland Park.

          *Disclosure* I’ve lived in both North Potomac and Cleveland Park

        • brookland_rez

          Ha. I have a co-worker who insists he lives in N. Potomac when his zip code is firmly in Rockville.

      • Caroline

        Buying might be comparable, but you can get some great deals renting in Cleveland Park. I think because it’s off the radar of most young people. If I was still renting, and could stomach the long commute, I’d definitely consider living out there.

        • UptownGirl

          “Out there?!?” LOL,, it’s a few stops up the red line.

        • brookland_rez

          This is true. I have a friend that rented an updated studio in a 1930’s era building within walking distance of the Van Ness metro a couple of years ago for $1200. I was surprised at how cheap it was.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I think the prices in that area have been relatively stable (not flat, but basically just inching up) for the past 10 years or so, basically unaffected by the real estate explosions in the gentrifying neighborhoods like Columbia Heights, Petworth, Logan, etc.

      • colin

        I’m not letting you near my books if you think 40% is similar ;-)

  • Accountering

    Good for you. I am definitely in the 99%. Once kids are in the picture, it is either charter school or one of the few high performing schools. I would certainly not for a minute entertain sending my kids to Truesdell.

    • Marty

      if we hadn’t gotten our kids into 2 good charter schools ~ 5 years ago, we’d have made a move too. We got lucky, and can stay in the petworth/ 16th St heights area.

    • jim_ed

      Meh, at this point I’m at least planning on sending my kid to PK3 at Truesdell. The school is on the right track.

      • dcd

        I have become a firm believer that most, if not all, DCPS elementary schools would be just fine for PS, PK, and K – and probably a bit longer. At some point, though, it becomes a year-by-year assessment, dependent on a bunch of individualized factors.

    • cci880

      We live in the Truesdell area, and our kids will probably go there too.

  • Troy

    Its funny how I can so relate to this post before really reading it and know exactly how it feels to leave or move, or does one ever really leave the place they truly love?
    Some days I go to Upshur Street or the thrift store near the police station just because -no real reason, just to be in that area. So many good memories. Good luck with your new place and new situation. But the question remains; Does one ever really leave the place they love? Nah, not really.

  • Jessica

    Congrats on your new place! And, thanks for sharing your perspective. As a parent of a slightly younger child I appreciate hearing creative solutions of how other parents ahead of us are handling the school sitaution.

  • Blithe

    Congratulations! And welcome to my extended neighborhood! Selfishly I’m looking forward to maybe a bit more coverage of Red Line neighborhood nooks and crannies. I grew up in Petworth, went to Wilson, and am now adapting to life on “the other side of the park”. If you’re up for sharing, I’ll be interested in hearing more about how/if your sense of DC grows and changes as you continue to explore and impact the city in different ways.
    – I’m curious to know if you even briefly considered changing monikers? Viscount of Van Ness? Tsar of Tenelytown? Kidding!! Just kidding! ;-)

    • Dupont

      I second this request for posts on new insight as well based on the move. I recently moved to Dupont after 5 years on various Green Line spots. I miss many things about living on the Green Line, but also love the new neighborhood, and it really does feel like moving to a whole new city. Easier to get different places, harder to get to places you used to go a lot. Surrounded by completely different types of people (I don’t just mean racial, that is part of it, but not all). It might not be as stark for someone like PoP b/c he covers the entire city, but I would really be curious to read his perspective over time.

  • I am a witness that schools were a concern to you even before you were married! we had that conversation at Red Rocks pizza long ago!

  • anonymous

    Congratulations on your upcoming baby! I’ve been a fan of this site for years. Your moving from one place to another place in the District won’t change that a bit! This site has become so much more than Petworth- it is truly a city blog that is relevant for all of us regardless of where we live. Best of luck.

  • Ben

    Happy to you hear you’re moving to my neighborhood—partly for selfish reasons, because I’m hoping it means you’ll do more Tenleytown posts. Also, not sure which school you picked but we’re very happy with Hearst ES.

  • Jasper Santos

    At least those terrible gentrifiers can’t ruin your new neighborhood!


  • Mazel tov on both the new home AND new baby – so much life happening for so many folks here. It’s great. Do what is best for you and yours.

  • c

    So, was the house you bought or sold a GDoN?

  • MK

    Congrats on the move and the second native Washingtonian on the way!

  • MPinDC

    Congatulations Dan on your growing family and on your move! I agree with your neighbor – the beautiful life is not tied to any one geographic place.

  • tonyr

    There is precedence, Charlie’s full name is: His Royal Highness Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales, KG, KT, GCB, OM, AK, QSO, PC, ADC, Earl of Chester, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland.

    As far as I can tell, he lives in none of those places.

    • Emilie504

      :) I love you.

      • tonyr

        Right back at ya Toots!

  • z bear


  • dcd

    Congratulations! It’s the reason that many, many of us move. Tough to argue with (although I’m sure some will try). Are you really getting hate on social media?

  • ET

    I’m excited – another PoP princess…….

  • Rower32

    Congrats. Please share your experiences with us.

  • Van Ness

    Welcome to the neighborhood! I’ve always gotten flak from friends for living in Van Ness, but it’s a great little spot and the convenience can’t be beat. Hope this means we’ll see some more coverage of the Van Ness/Cleveland Park area!

  • shadesofpale

    Congrats! I’m selfishly glad you didn’t leave the district so that PoP can live on!

  • bruno

    The Prince of Wales doesn’t live in Wales, so you can live where you want too :^) Thanks for letting us know and keep up the good blogging! I agree with you that DC is an excellent place to walk around.

    • OffTheAvenue

      LOL about the Prince of Wales! And all the best to our own POP and family in your new home.

  • Jaycee

    So glad you are still in DC! Congrats! Enjoy….did you happen to buy in the Hearst neighborhood? We live in CH, got into Hearst through the lottery and have been grandfathered into Deal or did you score elsewhere Murch? Janney?

  • quincy dude

    The circa 2011 Petworth baby boom is currently in full relocation mode: 16th St Heights, Brightwood, Shepherd Park – and for those of us who can stomach moving across the park: Chevy Chase, AU Park, Van Ness. Kudos to you for affording something in Hearst or Murch.

    • bruno

      For the childless, please update what’s happening school wise?

      • quincy dude

        There are a few camps: those who are willing to see how rising in-bound schools (Powell, Bruce Monroe) will come along in the next few years. Those who don’t care how their school performs by metrics, and decide to “be the change.” Those who want to go to a current high-performing DCPS. Those who get lucky in the lottery and can live anywhere they damn well please. The last are the most fiscally advantaged – as the school lottery becomes a fiscal lottery, allowing you to buy a gorgeous house in an awful school boundary for a decent price.

    • n=1

      This type of comment, even in jest, isn’t particularly helpful to the belief that there’s some huge divide at the park: “for those of us who can stomach moving across the park.”

      One friend of ours from DuPont commented, upon arriving at our house near Mass. Ave, that “It’s really important to get out here and see that the suburbs aren’t that far.”

      I find it funny when people insist that they dislike XX neighborhood or find neighborhood YY so boring. They can’t fathom not living in {Shaw, Bloomingdale, U St., etc.}. Listen, toots, wait until you have kids. Your preferences change so much.

      The people living in upper NW are just like the people living in those other areas. Generally, they’re just at a different stage of life. Moving to AU Park (the boogeyman to many) is not usually a step along the progression from city center to rockville. It’s the end of the progression (generally). AU Parkers, or wherever, likely have much more in common with, say, Petworthers than (a) people living in MD or VA and (b) than people in Petworth realize.

      • dcd

        Your post does the very thing it decries. I just moved to the Westhaven neighborhood of Bethesda, which is directly across Western Avenue from, and virtually identical to, AU Park.

      • gotryit

        It goes both ways. Those people who live across the park and “can’t stomach sending their kids to school in Petworth”.
        Well, I send my kids to school around here, and it’s probably not that different in the ways you think it is. Sure, there are racial and economic differences, and the average scores are lower too. But my kids are learning just fine and probably not that differently than if they were in a school across the park.

      • quincy dude

        It’s not in jest. There’s an exodus of all of our 3-ish year old having friends from Petworth to AU Park and Shepherd Park going on right now. I know 4 families in the last 4 months. Everyone’s trying to lock down middle school plans NOW. Closing costs on a 700-800k house can’t be redone every few years, ya know?

        • dcd

          That’s an excellent, often lost point. Many (most?) of these moves are about middle school (and sometimes high school), not elementary school. Once you decide you don’t want to be on the charter roller coaster, and know that you don’t want to/can’t afford to move more than once, the options get really limited.

        • JS

          Wait, there are liveable 700K houses in AU Park?

          • JS

            Ah, seller’s end. Never mind.

      • quincy dude

        There is a huge divide across the park. Look at the demographics. Ward 3 is about 80% white, and very wealthy. Don’t pretend its not.

        • n=1

          @DCD: fair point. Not at all what I meant, especially given your location (I cited Rockville), but I see how it came across.

          @quincy dude: the wealth and income are different, as a whole, but the difference is not so stark for 30-somethings. There are probably very few fantastically wealthy people east of the park (Rockefeller notwithstanding) compared to west of the park. But for those of us reading this blog, we’re pretty similar. People seem to pretend that 30- and 40-somethings living in, say, Spring Valley always lived in mansions on Foxhall (and that they probably cannot relate to people who love going to hip restaurants and enjoyable bars). The reality is that they were living in Adams Morgan and Dupont ten years ago, just like others who lived there and moved to Petworth instead.

          • Blithe

            N=1, now that you’ve clarified your earlier comments, I’m very curious. In what ways do you view “those of us reading this blog” as being “pretty similar”?

          • dcd

            Totally agree about people from Rockville. :)
            About 90% of my reply is angst at moving out of DC. Sorry for the transferrance.

    • Maddy’s Mom

      Yes, anecdotally: I live in Shepherd Park and young families moving into my neighborhood often report they are coming from Petworth. I was hoping we might have lured our Prince up here!

      • bruno

        No one really answered my question — what is DC policy now about school boundaries for those of us who do not know? Has it changed? I heard rumors but do not know what happened….

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Good news on the move. I grew up in Tenleytown and went to Janney, Deale, and Wilson. All very good schools then and now. Pats on the head to the little girls.

  • M

    Can anyone recommend online resources that provide useful information on which DC public and charter schools are high performing? We’re not parents yet, but would love to get a better understanding of the school landscape. The resources I’ve found through some basic googling haven’t been very helpful.

    • J
    • quincy dude

      May I steer you to the madness of DCUrbanMoms for subjective discussion? (TL;DR is that the high performing DCPS schools are JKLM(M): Janney, Key, Lafayette, Mann/Murch for elementary, Deal for Middle, and Wilson for HS. Most sought after charters are: Mundo Verde, Creative Minds, Yu Ying, School Without Walls, Inspired Teaching).You can find very objective, detailed metrics here (for charters): http://www.dcpcsb.org/report/school-quality-reports-pmf and here (for DCPS): http://profiles.dcps.dc.gov/

      • dcd

        School Without Walls is DCPS, not a charter.

        • Lisa

          No one mentioned Banneker High School. A Magnet school like SWW.

    • Me

      Start with myschooldc.org you

    • mmm

      My School DC. Use their school finder tab.

      Look at reports from the DC Public Charter School Board for additional charter school info.

      Test scores are not everything. Be careful using them to determine which schools are high performing. Test scores for a given school reflect the performance of last year’s third graders. Test scores are HIGHLY correlated with socioeconomic status. In some schools, test scores may reflect a very small sample size of tested student (15 or less). For these schools, the performance of one or two students can have a huge impact on a year’s score.

      Many/most (maybe all) of the PK3 and PK4 programs in DC are excellent. They are a great low-stakes way to try your neighborhood school.

    • djtansey

      I have to say that most of the resources people are providing aren’t all that useful. Unfortunately, we equate high test scores with high performing schools. That is mostly a measure of student population. If you are going to use those sites, look for measures of growth. A school that is growing from 40% proficient to 50% proficient is technically a higher-performing school than a school that has an unchanging 80% proficiency rate.

      • phenonymous

        There is a measure of student growth: Median Growth Percentile (MGP), but it’s hard to understand and not well advertised so people don’t generally look at it.

        • djtansey

          Thanks for the reminder. The only issue I have with mgp is that it’s a percentile which means it’s a rank. That’s why it varies so dramatically from year to year. I wish their was a number like “average years of academic growth” so you could know how much people were learning rather than what grade level they were on at the time. Ideally, we’d have that by performance group so we could answer the question, “how are students who are academically similar to mine performing?”

          • phenonymous

            Yes! That would be both informative and easy to understand.
            While I doubt DCPS would pick up something like that and run with it, does anyone know someone at CodeDC or a similar organization that could process the data that way?

          • djtansey


            I’d love that and happily contribute. Care to chat about it? My email is my username at gmail.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Which is a better performing school – the one with higher proficiency or the one with more growth – is subject to one’s arbitrary selection of which metrics one cares more about. (Yes, I realize that many in the industry assess using growth, but an individual parent is free to give whatever weight he or she wishes to whatever metric he or she wishes). Yes, growth matters, but it is subject to ceiling effects (if virtually all of the students are already performing really really well–which is a good thing–growth as typically measured is really hard to achieve). Also, given a choice, few would desire to send their kid to a place where most of the students are performing waaay below grade level regardless of how impressive year-over-year growth may be.

  • tlindc

    Congratulations! No hating here – pregnant with my first, and it’s already an issue of concern for my spouse and I. I’d love to stay in CH for the long haul, but will likely be making a move in the next few years for the same reason. What else can we do?

    • wobber

      work to make the schools better and hold elected officials accountable!

  • CVR

    Big congrats on all your news!

  • caroline

    You’re the first person I’ve ever heard cite that part of town as being convenient for walking around the city. :) But it would be nice to hear a little more about what’s going on over there. Speaking for myself, I never make it over to that part of the city anymore (aside from a yearly zoo visit of course!) and don’t even know many people that live that far west. So it’s kind of a mystery to me.

  • UDPie

    Congrats – what wonderful news for you and your family. And a hearty thanks for all you do for us here!

  • mtpresident

    Mazel Tov on all of the above! I hear you on the schools thing and feel fortunate that our in bounds school appears to be above the bar & improving. Not sure what we’d be doing otherwise. Glad to hear you’re still in town!

  • BetterSchoolsPlease

    Funny how having a 2.5 year old changes everything. For us, it was literally overnight. The so-so principal at our in-bounds school was not reappointed and the district hasn’t found a replacement. We don’t have time to wait around, so we’re in the market for a better DC elementary school or may be heading back to the Midwest. I never thought we’d be in this position; we LOVE DC. But we love our kid more, and suddenly the school problem is very real and very NOW.

    • childcare/schools were the biggest factor in us getting our crap in gear to move. It just isn’t going to be do-able without family support, given the long work hours, commutes, and school hours. So off we go. It’s not an easy decision, but I saw the madness every year with the lottery on my local list serve and it seemed just so ridiculous.

  • Mayim

    Brilliant. I believe that’s Stoddert Elementary zoning? If so, awesome choice and your girls will love it. Congrats of the new digs and the new addition!!

  • Petworth Res

    You’ll be bored out of your mind west of the Park! ;-) I always hold back a chuckle when I see the the West of the Park residents, so stiff and uptight, as I drive back and forth from Petworth to take my kids to the good schools over there! (or is the chuckle really pained envy for not having to deal with all the gun violence from some of the East of the Park residents, probably a bit of both). Will be interested to hear your reaction after settling in there……Fare the well Mighty Prince.

    • jdegg

      True. I moved from exactly that place, between Van Ness and Tenleytown because it was stuck and boring. But I get it if you have kids. Too bad about schools.

      For my job I visit DC schools and some of what folks worry about is having Muffy sitting next to a minority student. I’m not entirely sure the schools are bad or if the student body is simply unacceptable.

      • jaybird

        Just because you visit “schools” you have an incite into what parents and families go through to get their kids into a decent- not great- school? Nice. You definitely are not “entirely” sure.

        • jdegg

          I’ve studied what makes a good school for more than a decade and “visited” schools to collect data for national studies. Don’t belittle my knowledge.

          Truth is, I raised my kids in the midwest. But there was a moment when they were very young and I was looking to buy a house in NJ. The realtor said to me, you need to be careful before you buy a house in Essex County. Which was code for, race matters.

          This is equally compelling now in DC. It’s fine to go somewhere for your kids. Just don’t BS yourself about why.

          • jaybird

            Fine. I grew up in D.C. not the midwest. I feel fine with trying to get my kids in the best school I can while living in center city. I enjoy diversity, am surrounded by it, and do not judge others for whatever school choice they make. My family hasn’t “gone” anywhere because of race. We have built a life in logan circle for the last 15 years and have no plans to leave like others and we are not affluent. We choose to do without so we can stay. We do not choose a school because of race.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Credentials don’t count on anonymous message boards. If the factual basis for an otherwise majorly snarky comment isn’t self-evident, it doesn’t matter here. I’ll stipulate that they matter in lots of other places, but not here.

    • jaybird

      Generalization are just that. The families are the same wotp and eotp. The only difference is that maybe they are further along in their lives. At some point you will be the “stiff” dad.

    • MtP

      West of the park is no more boring than many parts of upper Petworth, Brightwood, 16th St Heights, etc. Much of it is much more walkable, and there are many great restaurants, bars and things to do. Plus it is very easy to get to the more exciting areas east of the park. Sure a lot of the new buzz is in certain neighborhoods farther east, but there is still lots to like west.

  • Holy crap, I thought all day that this post was about some statue moving so I ignored it until just now. Congrats on the move! Hopefully 12 years in Petworth rewarded you with some serious equity :)

  • Aglets

    it makes me sad that you have to justify moving to a bunch of gladys kravitz

  • Petworth to Hampden

    Congrats! After seven years in Petworth, I decided to try a new calculus as well. Moved to Hampden in Baltimore. My job is in Silver Spring, and I can work from home alot. I will miss the Citizen and all the great stuff that is happening in the neighborhood. But Hampden is SOOOOO chill and less straight-laced than DC, plenty of restaurants…and well, renting my place in Petworth and buying in Baltimore…my housing outlay just went down about $1600 a month.

  • Emilie504

    Congratulations on the new princess!

  • Abby

    Hold on – did I hear happy hour?!

    Congrats on the new move and the excited news for your family! Where you live is your business and the Duchess of Cambridhe doesn’t live in Cambridge so the Prince of Petworth can live wherever he wants too. Welcome back to the red line!

  • Truxton Thomas

    Congrats on the new house and the new nugget!

  • James

    You should be glad you have one honest friend

  • ANC 3F

    Welcome to ANC 3F!

  • XDC

    Congrats! We recently moved to the burbs for schools after 14 years in DC. The lottery system is absolutely ridiculous and unpredictable and there is no way we can let our kids be guinea pigs for DC school reform, even though we called the city home for many years.

  • ke

    Congrats on the new babe. Hopefully there will be a time in the near future when parents don’t have to make the difficult calculation you and many others have made. Sounds like you and your wife made the best decision for your family; no judgment here. All the best!

  • Q

    I love this post! One of the things that is so wonderful and unique about this site is watching the community change and grow and develop–both the neighborhoods and the people. Some changes make us happy, some upset us, some irritate us, but all of that comes from the fact that most of us really care about this city. I’m incredibly relieved that you’re staying in the city (sometimes the calculus demands moving across country, and that prospect scared the hell out of me!), and so happy for your family! Congratulations!

  • saf

    We’ll miss you.

  • dcviajera

    Congrats and welcome!

  • jaybird

    Let me be the first to say: Welcome to Hearst. Albeit 2 years too soon.

  • WeinDC

    Sad to see you leave EOTP, but congrats on your move. The best school for your family is always the top priority. Good luck!

  • susan144

    sounds like u did the right thing for ur family. congrats.

  • DCSubi

    Congrats on the move and baby girl #2. But as a new parent and new(ish) Petworth resident, how do you know if you’ve been “zoned out”? We bought near an Powell. Does that mean we aren’t guaranteed a spot there? Our baby is only a month old so we have time to figure this out but…how do we find out?

    • phenonymous

      you can put your address in here: http://dcatlas.dcgis.dc.gov/schools/
      It will show you last year (2014-15) and the upcoming year (2015-16).

      • palisades

        Whoa. Looks like my nonexistent kids would be at some nice schools. Best part is my rent is probably less than most people on this thread, and I live in a completely crime-free area.

        • extreme WOTP

          And you have few local amenities, and can’t get anywhere besides by car!

  • JoeSchmoe

    Congratulations, on both baby and move! We did a similar move from Shaw across town recently, with schools a big driver. It’s sad to leave a great (and improving) community, but there are a lot of positives as well. You’re still the Prince of Petworth in my book.

  • Van Ness Neighbor

    Welcome to NoClePa! (We don’t really call it that). Many of us here have followed a similar migration pattern from Adams Morgan/Dupont/U Street/etc. Stayed in the cool neighborhood through one kid, but once the second came along and school became an issue, headed north. We are still fun people and socialize just like in other neighborhoods, albeit in less hip places, but we make do.

    I used to be bothered by the hipster snobbishness we’d encounter when we’d tell people where we lived, but after a few years of the convenience of walking my kid to school (go Hearst!), I don’t care anymore what others think. Our calculation was the following– we go out (often to U Street/Petworth areas) maybe one or two times/week, but our kids walk to school 5 days/week, 42 weeks/year, for 14 years. So yeah, I’d rather Uber across town to go out to bars a few times/month than drive across town like 6,000 times to get my kid to school.

  • mars

    Welcome to the neighborhood! I know you’ll love it here, van ness is really great and getting better all the time. Hope to see you at Bread Furst or the new Thai place across the street.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats on the purchase, great that the ad revenue is helping you leave the EOTP riff raff behind!

  • vanness

    Welcome to our neighborhood! You are just what we need to get some restaurants over here!

  • Katie

    Thank you for staying in the District! And thank you for all the years you’ve posted/tweeted to help communicate your love for this city and current events that impact us all. You’ve become a source of information for so many, and for that we are grateful. Cheers to many more years of DC coverage!

  • Initiative 71

    Prince of Tenleytown… PoTville… How apropos :)

  • Watershed

    Let’s take a minute to think about Dan’s move historically, which is to say it would have been unthinkable in the not too distant past that you would move within the boundaries of the District FOR THE SCHOOLS. That is progress, my neighbors!

    • Blithe

      Huh? I took a minute, as per your suggestion, Watershed, and I thought about it. Please note, for example, the post by anonymouse-dianne 7/13 at 3:53. People have been moving “within the boundaries of the District FOR THE SCHOOLS” for at least the last hundred years. People moved to DC to go to the legendary DVNBAR from other states. People have lived in other zones and rented apartments within the boundaries of Janney, Deal, and Wilson so that their kids could attend these schools. While I agree with you that there has been progress in the quality of many of the DC Public schools, the idea of moving within the boundaries of DC for specific schools is hardly a new one — even for the parents with the highest of educational standards. (Proud graduate of Wilson, along with a couple of other schools you’ve probably heard of.)

    • anon

      People have been doing this since integration. This is one of the reasons there is a price bump WOTP. Pop would rather pay an extra per sqft than for private school.

  • Egad

    So what REALLY drove you away? It was that Subway in Mount Pleasant, wasn’t it? EOTP is no longer “weird” enough for you, eh? Or wait…it was the Verizon Store that just opened in the Tivoli Theatre Building, right? A-ha! I knew it! That almost chased me away, too!

    Just kidding! We live in Columbia Heights and have a 4-year old who we send to a private bilingual Catholic School. We were also rezoned from one school to another, each having its pluses and minuses but both having major challenges. What really made us consider other options was that even if the elementary school is tolerable, the middle and high schools are not. We really wanted our kid to get a solid academic foundation in an environment where teachers can focus on teaching rather than being distracted by the slew of other issues that our local public teachers (God bless them) have to deal with on a daily basis. It was a tough decision. We love where we live and we do not plan on moving, so we wanted to start off on the right foot from the get go rather than fiddling around to see what works.

    • Yeah, the schools suck

      We’re on the WL for your 4 yo’s school, and if it doesn’t work out we absolutely plan to leave DC. During all my school visits, I remember thinking that DCPS and the teachers did a fine job, but there’s just too many outside factors they have to deal with. Learning becomes secondary to survival. I support DCPS and want to see it succeed, but I’m not sending my kids there.

  • SeventhStreet

    Congrats, PoP, on both the new house and new baby on the way! I’m sad though to see you leave the neighborhood :(

    I hope there isn’t a massive exodus of our friends with little ones in a couple years. It’s worth at least giving the lottery a shot – the results from the first year anyway said 70% of people got their child in one of their top 3 choices. And if you get in to a good one, that’s free school at 3 instead of daycare or private. If you move west of the park, you still need to enter the lottery for preschool at 3; the schools don’t even offer it. So just putting that out there! We have two toddlers (oldest in a charter), and are hoping to be in Petworth many more years – we love it here.

    • quincy dude

      You have lucky friends. It’s getting worse every year, as sibling preference comes into play. Some of the most sought-after schools had fewer than 5 spots for PK3, which is your primary entry point.

  • A

    Congrats on the move and the kiddo! I was on the yellow brick road as far as feeders and always departed. Started at West, which was a Deal feeder then went to Jefferson. Jefferson was a Wilson feeder but I wanted Walls. I want to be one of those people yelling “be the change!!!” but I understand not wanting your kids to be Guinea pigs. As the income, education and stability of the resident families increase, the schools will too. Traditionally, and even now, Petworth schools perform better than east of the river schools, 16th Street Heights perform a bit better than Petworth, Shepard Park better than The Heights and of course west of the park is at the top. That’s family demographics more than DCPS just failing at life. If your parents don’t have the time, energy or education to be your primary teacher, there’s not much DCPS can do.

  • Scott

    My Bonnie lies west of the park,
    My Bonnie lies west of rock creek,
    My Bonnie lies west of the park,
    Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me…

  • Denise Wiktor

    My daughter went to Eaton (out of bounds) then Hardy then Ellington then Walls. It is a feeder pattern I would recommend. I am not one to question a parent, especially since the camping out option is no longer available to you. So here’s to a happy new home.

  • monkeydaddy

    Heartfelt congratulation from a former Petworth resident. We were really lucky with the lottery and felt well-served by our charter school (all the way thru DCI), but left for job reasons. And tov to the mazel on hija numero dos!

  • 20016er

    Welcome to Tenleytown! Now can you bring us some decent restaurants?

  • Sydney P.

    PoPville will remain the best place for information on Washington DC. Congratulations on many fronts!


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