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Looking for Yoga Classes to take with little sister

by Prince Of Petworth December 8, 2015 at 2:25 pm 24 Comments

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Erin

“Dear PoPville,

My much younger half sister – she’s is 11 years old and I’m 26 – has recently expressed interest in yoga. For one of her Christmas gifts this year, I’d like to buy a yoga class that we can take together, but the only ones I can find online are “Mommy and Me” (i.e., for much younger kids) or for preteens/tweens only. I’m really looking for a class we can take together; maybe something that isn’t necessarily just for kids but would still be kid friendly. A private lesson that’s reasonably affordable would work too. I would be ok with a studio in DC, MD, or VA as long as it’s not too far of a drive. I’d appreciate any/all suggestions from the community!”

  • JJ

    I did aerial yoga with my 15 and 16 year old sisters and they LOVED it and because its a novelty the place we went had all ages welcome. It was in Lancaster PA, but I know there are a few places in the DC area. Its a little out of the ordinary but really fun.

  • Caroline

    I used to do yoga at St. Mark’s and it was a very diverse crowd of all different ages, so she might feel more comfortable there. The downside is that they don’t have a lot of class times.

    • above7-11

      As a teacher at St. Marks, I can attest to the diversity of the students. Additionally, the first class is free, so that’s a bonus.

  • AnotherBdaleResident

    Check out the Yoga District classes. I would bet the beginner classes they offer would work (and they aren’t terribly expensive).

    • LeahK

      +1 Love Yoga District. Could totally see a younger attendee feeling comfortable.

    • LP


    • MT

      I practice regularly at Yoga District and the YMCA (14th and W). I’ve been in class with young yogis a few times at YD (one of whom is a certified teacher and can out-yoga all of his older classmates in an advanced class). Any classes I’ve attended there appear to be welcoming to a younger student at any level, alongside ‘adult’ students. The YMCA has aerial yoga classes on weekends, which are open to the community (unlike the standard group classes which I’m pretty sure are member-only). The few times I’ve gone, they would be suitable for beginners and/or young students, though you might want to call and check to make sure there isn’t an age limit. I am not sure what the rate is for non-members, but I think it would be fun as a one-off special activity. I would have loved doing something like that with big sis/bro when I was young. Kudos to you for thinking of her!

    • anon

      I know I’m a dissenting opinion, but I found Yoga District classes very unfriendly for a complete yoga novice. I tried about 5 classes, even two that were advertised as easier than beginner and for people with injuries, and in all of them the teachers just ran through poses without explaining anything or adjusting people or trying to even watch the people in the class to see where they were. It was really, really frustrating for someone who wanted to learn how to do yoga and had heard such great things.

  • Xochipilli the Anonymous

    Check out Yoga Heights, in Petworth. They have kid-friendly teachers and classes!

    • JMc

      +1! Love Yoga Heights!

  • AG

    There are probably some kids yoga classes, probably more likely in the burbs, but if you want to go with her, I would just stick with a solid beginners’ yoga class and call the studio in advance to ask if bringing an 11 year old is ok. You want to be sure she gets taught how to do the poses properly and won’t be intimidated.

  • JMA

    Tranquil Space has a Dupont Circle and Arlington (Virginia Square) location and offers 60 min in studio privates. It’s reasonable $$ with one of their RYT-200 hr teachers.

  • exiledinarlington

    I suspect many of the local yoga studios would welcome her – just call ahead and ask. I’ve seen children of that age in classes at both Tranquil Space and Down Dog. It usually adds to the spirit of the class, in my opinion.

    • Anon

      Agreed that any yoga studio would enjoy having a younger yogi in attendance. I’d say if you’re looking for other kids, either try a location that has a lot of them (the ‘burbs as others have mentioned) or cheap classes (like YMCA or church basement types). Not many kids have the means to take a $20 class in a glitzy studio so they would be more of a rarity there.

  • lucie

    I don’t have anything to add on studios, but I would make sure to call ahead and ask about their forms. Many studios require you to sign a liability waiver, which in her case would have to be signed by a parent or guardian. So you’d have to take care of that before you went.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    I’d recommend steering clear of hot yoga. The smell. *shudder*

    • Anon

      Probably not safe either.

  • DP

    I’ve been to a beginner class at Buddha B Yoga in Woodley Park where a person brought her young daughter who was about 6 years old. They seemed to have no problem with that.

  • transplanted

    There are weekly free yoga classes at several library locations, and the age range is astonishing. Might be a good intro for a younger yogi — they keep it pretty beginner’s level.

  • beckyparisyoga

    Check out Yoga Heights on Georgia Avenue! I’m an instructor there and we’ve had groups of 10-13 year olds join our “back to basics” (beginners) and flow classes. The community could not be more welcoming. If you’re looking for private yoga sessions, for the two of you, feel free to reach out. I love working with that age range!

  • Hi there,

    I own Flow Yoga Center, and we love having kids in our classes! My 6-year old joins regularly (whenever he feels like it) and loves them. ;) If you send me an email, I’d be happy to find a great class for you and your sister. Cheers! Debra

  • Thank you everyone for the great suggestions! I’ll look into these and make some calls. Especially good point about possibly needing a waiver signed by a guardian – looks like I might have to have my dad or stepmom help out there. Thank you!

  • You can bring your little sister to any class at our studio! I taught 10 year olds yoga for years and they are perfectly fine to take an adult class as long as they have an adult with them! Come check us out!


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