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  • Huma

    WHAT? This place was my savior when I lived on California :(

  • d

    Think it might be the same owners just putting the space to more profitable use. They already sold beer/wine and my guess is that alcohol was their best seller in terms of volume and profit margin. I like the new name by the way – it’s what other parts of the world call liquor stores.

  • AMDCer

    It’s my savior, too! I really hope it’s the same owners – the sign on the door has just said “closed for renovations,” so I’m guessing that’s the case. They are really nice people – the lady is so sweet – she’ll often drop a bag of nuts, piece of fruit, powerbar or something into my bag along with my purchase.

  • 16thStreetHeights

    Sadly, no. The owners retired and sold the place. Hope the Bottle Shop does them justice.


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