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From the Forum – Truxton Circle Roadwork

by Prince Of Petworth December 9, 2015 at 2:10 pm 10 Comments


Truxton Circle Roadwork

“Does anyone know what’s up with the roadwork on the Unit and 100 Blocks of O and P Sts NW in Truxton Circle? It’s been going on for months, and in between bouts of activity, the roads are left in nearly impassable condition.

I know there was a water main replacement project that required tearing up the road. However, that was completed months ago.

I came to the realization over the weekend that this is the new normal for these blocks. Unpredictable parking restrictions, loud construction, driving on the wrong side of the road to avoid the gaping holes. Clearly this should NOT be the normal.

Does any one know what the objective of this project is and when it might come to completion?”

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  • Truxton Circle Guy

    I also live in the neighborhood and noticed the same thing. However, last night I was driving and realized that the intersection of 1st and P has just be freshly paved. So they must have completed the work and are beginning to resurface everything–I hope!

  • Truxtoner

    This is all related to the water main replacement project. It was not completed. It has not stopped since late August. It does appear they are nearly done and as of last night, the unit block of P and the 1400 block of 1st Street appeared to have been repaved and this morning they appeared to be doing the same to the 100 block of P. They also this week came through and replaced the brick in the sidewalks on 1st Street that was removed to do the work.

    What is concerning to me is they have repaved the left and right sides of the roads, but not the middle portion. Why would they not just repave the entire street so it is flat and completely smooth while they are doing this. Particularly on the 1400 block of 1st Street where the paving they have done has covered the yellow lines.

    As a resident I am happy they made the investment to replace the water lines that were very old. That said, I have noticed zero difference in my water pressure, my yard looks like hell, and I haven’t slept past 7am in months. So I am VERY happy they are nearly done.

  • accendo

    Ugh, this city and road projects. I’ve had some luck tweeting at the entities in charge of various projects to get updates, but that can be hit or miss.

    And of course I saw yesterday they’ve torn up part of H St around 7th NW for what, like the 4th time this year?

  • Eckingtonite

    Many of the streets in Eckington (2nd St NE, S St NE, etc…) as well as a long stretch of R St from 3rd St NE all the way to at least 6th NW have also been torn up in the last few months for a variety of projects, some of which seem to be related to Pepco. If (and that’s a big IF) they do repave the street they seem to do it belatedly and in a haphazard way that leaves the surface pockmarked with numerous bumps, potholes and sometimes manhole covers sticking out of the ground. The work done along R St has been especially bad as there is now an uneven trench that is several inches below the grade of the road that is periodically interrupted by steel plates. It runs along where the westbound bicycle lane use to be. How can utilities not get in trouble for leaving the roadways in this type of condition for such a long period of time?

    • west_egg

      “How can utilities not get in trouble for leaving the roadways in this type of condition for such a long period of time?”
      This would require someone, somewhere in our city’s government to give a rat’s a**.

    • anon

      The work along 2nd St NE is DC Water replacing the lead lines that feed all of our drinking water.

      • Eckingtonite

        There is nothing wrong with replacing old water lines, sewer lines, electric cables, etc… All of this is necessary and it’s commendable that something is being done before a water main bursts or something else to that effect.

        My issue, and presumably the OPs, is that the utilities seem to opt for the cheapest method when it comes to repaving the road and rebuilding the sidewalks. It is not asking a lot for the responsible parties to evenly repave and repaint the sections of the roads that they have torn up within a reasonable time frame.

        • Truxtoner

          I will say that they have repaved the roads in Truxton fairly quickly. Last week, they were literally still digging holes and replacing utilities. It’s now repaved. My issue is as others have noted that they paved only over what they dug up and not the entire street so while that section is nice and new there are still portions of the same block that are not. It’s stupid. You have the equipment there. Repave the whole thing.

  • Sydney P

    The replacement of water mains and service lines in the Unit block of P St NW was completed about a month ago by Capitol Paving. Now the asphalt is being resurfaced — so commuters can resume honking at one another as they speed past the elementary schools in that zone. Fort Myer and FedEx vehicles that tear-up the road surface can resume ignoring the “No Trucks Over 1.25 Ton-Capacity” signs. Come one, come all: better to have congestion tie up the area, and force drivers back on to the traffic sewers of North Cap and NY Ave. Ironically, Truxton is fine neighborhood for walking and cycling to and from downtown.
    I think it’s San Diego that requires utility companies to collaborate, and dig up the roads but once, together, to lay new water, sewer, electric, gas, and fiber.

    • Truxtoner

      The replacement of the water lines and mains were not done a month ago. There was a three foot trench dug just last week with them doing stuff relating to that. I asked the guys about it. It’s all part of the same project. They did dig, fill, then re-dig. But it was the same project.

      What was really awful was the week or so they had giant metal plates on 1st Street. It sounded like bombs going when the thousands of Maryland drivers drove over them while using 1st Street as a commuter route like they always do. I love your sentiment though. The one good thing about all of it was the reduction in commuters using the neighborhood. I really wish they would make 1st Street one way.


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