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DC Brau’s Holiday Ramble Spectacular plus “Grand Opening of the NEW LIVE MUSIC section of Boundary Stone”

by Prince Of Petworth December 3, 2015 at 4:00 pm 3 Comments


From DC Brau’s Holiday Ramble Spectacular at Boundary Stone for the Release of Alpha Domina Mellis 3:

“Announcing the return of the RAMBLE! We are delighted to announce the relase party for Alpha Domina Mellis 3 AND the Grand Opening of the NEW LIVE MUSIC section of Boundary Stone!

ADM 3 will feature honey from our fine friends at Burnside Farms as well as local, hand-malted barly from Copper Fox Distillery. We can’t wait for you to try it.

Come enjoy the musical stylings of Colebrook Road as they serenade you to the sweet siren songs from the land of milk and honey.

Tuesday, December 22. Doors open at 5pm and Music starts at 8pm. We can’t wait to see you there.”

  • davis millis

    the main issue here it that the food at Boundary Stone has gotten progressively worse and worse over the last 2 years that it is now hardly anything more than bad bar food. Chef Vinnie took great care with the freshness and flavor of the food. Since he left, not sure how many chefs have tried to duplicate his menu and sprinkle some additional bar bites, but the food is now horrible. The temp menu for the renovation is a disaster, even the caesar salad is horrible and how hard is that to do? Many in the neighborhood are now so disappointed that they are expanding next door instead of getting a new food option. If Boundary Stone does not get a new chef and a new menu and step up their game on the menu, then all the whiskey in the world won’t save this extra large space. Come one guys. And just think how bad the new Proof pizza place will be if the food is similar to boundary stone. Want to love this place like we used to do, but someone needs to listen.

    • Common Sense

      Lay off the pipe foodie bro….they have the best wings and hummus in DC hands down. Burgers have never been anything but delicious and consistent. All the specials the Chef comes out with aren’t for me but the meat heavy ones are nothing but fantastic.

      I’ve lived in the neighborhood for over 5 years and have been going to the Stone the entire time. I eat there multiple times a week and think you’re being a little….or alot unrealistic. Ripping the most neighborhood friendly bar that I’ve ever seen like this is kind of weak. They always look out for the neighborhood and have the local community in its best interest.

      The staff is also it’s greatest compliment. They are always friendly and know their menus and products. It’s real hard to come by good service in this city due to the over saturation in the market and it’s a relief to visit the Stone and not have to worry about mediocre food and bad service.

    • Dale in Bloom

      You are an idiot. If you don’t like the food, and feel it necessary to bash them any other place except for yelp, STAY AWAY. All it means is a free seat for me or my friends who appreciate a good bar, with great food and amazing hospitality.


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