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“Final Phase of City Market at O is Now Under Construction” – Check Out Some Renderings

by Prince Of Petworth December 3, 2015 at 3:40 pm 30 Comments


From a press release:

“880 P Street, a 142-unit market rate apartment building in the District is now under construction. This is the final phase of the award winning, 1 million square foot project developed by Roadside Development, LLC (Roadside). 880 P is one of four residential buildings, along with Cambria Suites Hotel, Giant Food and Convivial Restaurant, which comprise the City Market at O project located at 7th & O Streets, in the center of the Shaw neighborhood.

“Shalom Baranes Architects has done a wonderful job in designing this stunning addition to the collection of existing buildings,” said Richard Lake, founding partner, Roadside Development. “This building, once completed will provide an elegant commercial edge to 9th Street, incorporating street front retail which will complement the thriving retail experience in Shaw,”. The units include a mix of junior one bedroom, traditional one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom units. Featuring clean smart design, with truly “livable” spaces. Many of the units will have private terraces with their own personal fireplaces.

880 P Street features a complement of above market amenities and social environments for the residents of City Market at O, including a “Music Room” where residents can take lessons, jam and share their music. The roof features a 16-foot tall waterfall and reflection pool, seating areas and sunning stone, organic garden, boardwalk, outdoor bar and kitchen. Creating intimate outdoor rooms and dining areas, all while enjoy spectacular unspoiled views of this great city. 880 P actually connects with 800 P along the roof, allowing residents to easily move between the two buildings to take advantage of an integrated rooftop.

City Market at O reveals how the successful intersection of old and new can create a place that truly appeals to long-term residents as well as new ones. The mix of market rate and affordable housing combined with new and old architecture creates a truly authentic environment that readily integrates with the neighborhood and has proven to be a catalyst development in Shaw. The environment along with the location appeals to people of all ages. Earlier phases leased up in less than six months.

City Market at O ultimately repositioned two key city blocks in the heart of Shaw, dramatically improving the linkage of the historic Shaw neighborhood and Downtown. 8th Street, NW, which runs through the center of project, has become a gathering place for the community and a staging area for festivals and events “Our decision to reopen 8th Street was to create a space that essentially functions like a traditional town square, and creates important connections between the neighborhoods to the north and south,” said Lake. The project also serves as a retail anchor, and has helped to revitalize retail development along 7th and 9th street.”



  • DC4Life

    Looks great, though after visiting a friend there this past summer – I cannot imagine what another 142 units will do to the already crowded pool space.

    • JohnH

      All people want on a roof is a pool and places to sit. They don’t need a water wall. Trying to be too fancy and cool. I was considering looking at this place, but the idea of 3 buildings sharing one small pool was not attractive.

    • Richard Lake

      The waterfall and adjacent pool is disegned to allow you to sit lay and stand in, creating another wet zone. The boardwalk will allow for nearly twice as much sunning areas as our current pool deck. This will compliment our original infinity edge lap pool. With this new building and by connecting it to the existing rooftop, we will be increasing rooftop amenities by more than a factor of two.

      • LazySunbather

        Sounds cool!

  • John M

    Hope they’re adding another pool. My friends who live there complain non-stop about the already packed pool deck.

  • sproc

    Minor nit to pick: Does anyone else find consistently omitting the quadrant annoying?

    • Anon

      I don’t think anyone’s going to confuse this with the other City Market at O …

    • Blithe

      Not when every mention of the building also says “in Shaw”. The quadrant is also mentioned in the press release. If anything, I find constantly mentioning the neighborhood — “in Shaw…in Shaw…in Shaw” — annoying.

  • andys103

    Didn’t the original plans call for 90 units for senior housing? Are they still being built?

    • shawington

      It’s already been built. It opened in the first phase. At the corner of P & 7th.

  • Aaron

    I’m glad the development is working out, but the City Market has blocked the sidewalk on the north and east sides of the development for 2-3 months already without doing much of any construction work. Maybe whoever is in charge of putting out press releases could spend more time making sure the project is on schedule and less time describing how great it’s going to be when it’s done. Or, if it is on schedule, maybe instead of city-wide press releases try to think a bit more about how the project impacts the neighborhood?

    • Shaw-N

      Do you mean the west side? The North side is annoying, for sure. I have to cross north of P then back again at 7th. Pain. But would love to see some more retail around there.

  • ShawShank

    I lived in the West building facing West for a year or so, and couldn’t believe how close the new building would be to my window once it was complete. What was once an amazing view of the daily sunset was about to be a view into dozens of apartments only dozens of feet away. I didn’t stick around long enough to find out, but I hope the building is seriously considering cutting the rent of those facing West. They should have used the new roof space for a pool, but are only adding in an “interactive waterfall” that can fit just a couple of people. It will be a madhouse up there on the weekends.

    The building is awesome, the people working there are awesome, and the amenities are really cool, but I’m also really happy I got out when I did.

    • Duponter

      I think this is one of those situations where you knew ahead of time that was coming when you rented. I don’t disagree the rents should be cheaper for those facing other apartments (like it is in most other buildings) versus no other apartments. Chances are they will simply raise the rent on those not facing the new building and then voila problem solved. For the building management.

  • jumpingjack

    They are seriously putting a water wall on the roof?!? And “reflection pool” – that doesn’t sound like a pool for swimming.
    A music room is actually a pretty good idea for an apartment building. It could cut down problems from idiots who like to practice their drums at 2 am in their apartments.

    • Anon

      Water walls are for plebes. You’re haven’t really made it until you got yourself an infinity shark tank and a croc terrarium in the courtyard. That’s real baller status.

      • eggs

        I know you’re being facetious, but now I want both of those things really badly. Live crocodiles in the courtyard?! Yes!

  • Shaw Neighbor

    Are they adding street level retail on 9th or on P? I think it’s such a shame that the development has its back to 7th street. That could have been such a vibrant facade and added a lot of life to the neighborhood. Instead it’ looks in on itself at 8th which isn’t a heavily trafficked street at all. If anyone from Roadside is reading this – look at what Tishman Speyer did with 666 5th ave when they acquired it and repositioned it. I’m hoping someone buys city market at O from Roadside and does something similar with 7th ave frontage. I bet rents would be much higher for a retail space that fronts 7th as well.

    • Lisa

      I am overjoyed to say: 9th. ” once completed will provide an elegant commercial edge to 9th Street, incorporating street front retail which will complement the thriving retail experience in Shaw,”

    • TruxtonCircler

      Maybe they didn’t want to risk retail where patrons might get hit by stray bullets?

      In all seriousness, what other retail is there on the 7th Street side building other than the Giant. The Giant entrance faces 8th Street (and actually drives quite a bit of foot traffic – way more than what is on 7th on that block) because they incorporated that old brick building on the corner of 7th and O and it was not really possible to put a real full size entrance there. I’m guessing the other retail facing 8th, which is actually in the 9th Street adjacent buildings was just planned for those buildings along with whatever will go in facing 9th street.

      To me it just looks like the 7th Street side of the building was planned to be the entrance to that building and the rest is the Giant. I’m not sure what other retail would go there? And in planning, it seemed to make more sense to put the street facing retail in the 9th street adjacent building since, at the time, that was the side that was closer to other retail and the massive gentrification happening. It isn’t exactly their fault that in the time it has taken to get it all built that now 7th Street is actually as interesting. This has been planned since like 2009. Trust me, I live on the eastern side of all of that and would love more to come my way.

    • TruxtonCircler

      I’d also just note that while revitalizing 7th would be great, it isn’t like 9th along that block is killing it right now either.

      • Lisa

        Both 7th and 9th have a ‘inhospitable’ walking blocks, basically between Mass. and Rhode Island. But it’s shrinking from both sides, hopefully to someday unite and make a pedestrian and consumer friendly strip from Downtown to U St. 7th was historically the consumer commercial strip (until the riots), 9th more service businesses (plumbers, auto parts etc). 9th should at this point own the strip from Mass to O or P, then 7th pick it back up after that up to U. With Roadside putting their commercial spaces on 9th rather than 7th for the 1400 block it appears that it’s 9th St’s block. 7th is really taking off at the 1500+ block. 9th does have the Carter G Woodson house soon to be worked on and opened, and the Shaw Bijou restaurant but won’t ‘own’ that block. Interesting to watch this growth.

        • Lisa

          It felt for a while like Roadside was trying to push 8th St as the commercial avenue for the 1400 block (and maybe 1300 since they got the rights to develop the empty lot at 8th and O) but I’m glad they are acknowledging and honoring the potential viability of 9th St. Kudos to Jeff E.

          • LazySunbather

            Is the 8th/O empty lot development also going to incorporate a replacement for the 60’s-era church and its associated buildings? That will be another big transformation for 9th, if so. Between the convention center retail, the new city market stuff, and adding something more in the block between N and O, 9th could be a much different streetscape in just a year or two.

          • Lisa

            Lazy- the church was purchased by Warrenton Group and Four Points. The raze permit has been filed, maybe approved. It’s a mixed use development with more retail along 9th! http://districtsource.com/2015/05/plans-to-replace-shaw-church-with-mixed-use-development-move-forward/
            I don’t know if this includes the Efforts from Exconvicts bldg, but definitely not the gas station.

  • Richard Lake

    A clarification is that the waterfall and adjacent water is approachable. You can stand, sit and layout in the water and falls. It will create a new and unique wet zone and allow you to cool off. This nearly doubles our area for chases and complements the existing infinity edge lap pool.

    • Lisa

      You have a great name for working in the ‘water’ business.

      • jd

        Lisa for the win!

        • Lisa

          Except I seriously demoted Mr Lake. “Richard Lake, founding partner, Roadside Development” to ‘water guy’.

  • jno

    The courtyard aspect is going to suck for tenants in the west facing building but that’s life in the big city. I was thinking the addition to the Washington Hilton is going to be really strange. You could hold hands with your neighbors.


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