Bourbon Coffee coming to Tenleytown

by Prince Of Petworth December 29, 2015 at 9:45 am 7 Comments

bourbon coffee
4200 Wisconsin Ave, NW

Tenleytown is on a roll, relatively. Next up is Bourbon Coffee coming to the corner of Wisconsin and Veazey St, NW next to the Sullivan’s Toy Store. I’m told they could open up as early as this week if all goes well. Bourbon Coffee currently has locations in Foggy Bottom and on Capitol Hill.

Their website says:

“Bourbon Coffee first opened its doors in Kigali, Rwanda in 2007, and has expanded to eight different locations across Rwanda and the United States. We are an international brand of specialty coffee, and the first retail brand to originate from Africa. Our stores are built around the philosophy of producing coffee from “crop to cup” – while sharing our coffee with the world, we are also promoting sustainable practices, economic development, cultural unity, and helping to reshape the global image of Rwanda and its economic development and culture.”

Awesome – and a great addition to the neighborhood.


  • kd21

    Nice to see Tenleytown get in on the action, and I’ll bet that residents are happy to have it but Bourbon’s coffee really isn’t that great.

  • LedroitTigah

    Im going to be a super hipster and proclaim that I liked Bourbon when I visited its original location — in Kigali! Seriously though – those fresh banana nut muffins were the bomb.com.

    • blues

      I actually feel the same way. :) I was there when it opened in 2007 and loved it. Wish they had the African tea at the L street location – I don’t love their coffee but I love that tea.

  • JohnWashDC

    I frequent Bourbon Coffee on the Hill. Nice employees and great coffee. Like most independents, beats Starbucks by a mile.

  • epic fail

    Yes, definitely nice to see Tenleytown finally able to fill in some of the empty retail spaces on Wisconsin. I feel like this part of town is horribly under served by decent retail/restaurant offerings. Sure, there’s plenty of fast food joints, but not much in terms of quality restaurants.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    I was a little disappointed to learn that the “Bourbon” in their name refers not to the liquor, but the type of coffee bean they use.

    • vannessie



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