Washington, DC

There are few things I like more than Bourbon and Coffee so I was intrigued when I spotted this sign at 2101 L Street NW. I though I knew most of the coffee spots around town but this looks awesome. Their Web site says:

“Bourbon coffee is an international brand of specialty coffee and the first retail brand to originate from Africa. Our retail brand is built around the philosophy of producing great coffee from “crop to cup.” By building the brand in this manner we are able to directly impact the value equation for coffee farmers in Africa.

We will enter the international market with the goal of introducing fine coffees of Africa to consumers and promoting our mandates for the brand: Economic development, Sustainable Practices, Uncompromising Quality and Cultural Unity.”

You can see their menu here. They opened their first cafe in DC back in July ’09 and will be opening up cafes in NY and Boston soon. Any fans of the coffee and/or the cafe?


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