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2015 Round Up: The Most Popular Post from February

by Prince Of Petworth December 22, 2015 at 3:10 pm 9 Comments


I tweeted out January’s most popular post yesterday but I figure I might as well make these official ’cause it’s fun to look back so here goes for February:

The Allegations in this Lawsuit from the owner of Little Miss Whiskey’s and Jimmy Valentines are Terrifying.

Ed. Note: Last I checked I think this is still in the courts – anyone else know?

  • Not all PoPviller readers are on Twitter — what was January’s most popular post?
    And does “most popular” here mean “most commented upon,” or “most viewed”?

    • caroline

      annaow oo. can be ke days of masseries with the most opular posts gifts t!

      • Once more, in English? ;)

        • caroline

          Weird, my comment got chewed up. I think I was just agreeing with you.

    • 105 comments surely can’t be the most commented in a month, even a short month! Although now that I think back I was gone that whole month, so I really have no clue what was happening in DC.

      • d

        If you were gone the entire month, that would explain the much lower comment numbers site wide. :)

  • Trinidaddy

    Not sure but his dog bit someone at little miss whiskeys recently, at least according to the lawsuit.

  • Neighbor

    A recent ruling is online. The criminal case against him was dropped. The civil case he brought against thy cut continues. It appears the city confiscated a ton of cash from his business which, for reasons beyond me, they refuse to return.
    I think he lost the malicious prosecution claims because the case was dropped (as opposed to him being found innocent) but some of the civil rights claims continue. The city should really do the right thing at this point at settle the case and fire the officer involved. What a corrupt embarrassment.
    I guess he didn’t donate to freshPAC?

    • Petworth

      Was the cash part of a civil forfeiture? That would be my guess as to why they’re not giving it back.


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