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City Wildlife – Vulture vs. Rat Edition

by Prince Of Petworth November 16, 2015 at 2:30 pm 8 Comments

KRPR sends on Sunday:

“Spotted a real vulture on the street off Sherman near HU today eating a rat…and possibly pizza.”

  • DCDuchess

    Nice one….LOL! Vultures are doing the cleanup job the DPW doesn’t do

  • anon

    The “vs” in the title is a little misleading

  • TX2DC

    We need more vultures!

  • Aglets

    is this really necessary?

    • Is what necessary? For the cycle of life to go on?

      • Rich

        Some people don’t like this because it isn’t “pretty” .Vultures aren’t cute like kitties and neither is reality or the ecology of animal life. I’d rather have vultures than pigeons.

        • Aglets

          Look, I grew up on a farm and watched as our neighbor’s dog broke one of our pet duck’s neck. I’ve seen squirrels kill each other and i’ve seen numerous vultures eat the carion of deer, racoons, wild turkeys, etc. this isn’t new. and this isn’t news.

  • Pahbs

    It was most likely a turkey vulture. They are widespread and common. They eat dead stuff. That’s vulture culture.


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