Washington, DC


Reasonable or not?

For those who find it reasonable or just want a crepe for lunch at the regular price – you can see Crepeaway’s menu here.

UPDATE from Crepeaway:

“Hello everyone- my name is saad. I am the owner of crepeaway restaurant.

I want to make it clear that crepeaway does NOT charge double during late night hours.

What the poorly written sign is trying to say is that we close at 4am on Friday and Saturday. Sometimes people walk in at 415am. They want service. We tell these customers that if they want us to stay later, then we have to charge THEM double. Let me also point out that the funds that come from these patrons go straight into the tip jar…

I’m sorry this was misunderstood.

Kind regards sj 2024134822”

2001 L Street, NW



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