• Petworth Pal

    It’s rainbows like these that make you forget about the shootings last night…

    • dunning-kruger

      This is the popville equivalent of trolling presidential candidates in articles about pop culture, natural disasters, and random acts of violence.
      “Hillary’s emails are at the end of the rainbow along with the Bengazi smoking gun.”
      “It’s rainbows like these that make you forget about Obama’s death panels.”
      “Republicans want to ban this rainbow because it is promoting a gay agenda.”

  • who knows

    Nice. Wonder why is it always dark on outside and light inside the bow. Anyone know?

    • Truxton Thomas

      It’s because of the way the light refracts as it enters the prism and…ah, the hell with it. I have no idea.

  • 2 second Google explains it all. See explanation #6. (But the rest is well done too!) http://www.weatherscapes.com/techniques.php?cat=optics&page=rainbowfaq


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