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  • Philippe Lecheval

    That is my favorite yoga pose. Lying down person.

    • anon

      its “shavasana” which means corpse pose. You were close.

    • Anonoline

      Have you tried Legs Up The Wall? If you like Shavasana you’ll love Legs Up The Wall!

    • jumpingjack

      Mine too. But I prefer to do it on a sofa or bed.

  • anon

    so i’m too late to buy in trinidad. boooo

    • TX2DC

      By a year, maybe two. :-)

      • anon

        I was definitely not in a place to buy 2 years ago but now I make twice what I did then and am ready and all the neighborhoods are once again too expensive. siiighhhh

        • How much do you have saved for a down payment? There are still plenty of neighborhoods out there with “affordable” homes, they just might not be on trendy streets.

          • Anon Spock

            Yea, I find it hard to believe your income doubles but you can’t afford anything in DC. There are also a few options like down payment assistance which could up the ante a bit.
            I guess it depends on what’s important living in a hip area vs owning a home.

          • anon

            when your income was at 40k and you have student loans, doubling doesn’t really make DC extremely affordable.

  • MercTrinidad

    Took a class on Friday. Inviting studio and a great class. Happy to have them in the neighborhood.


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