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  • Anonymous

    Very necessary.

  • NorthbyNE

    Agreed. This is long overdue. Now, maybe they will add one at W and Florida.

    • Anonymous

      Please no!

  • TJ

    Way too many traffic lights on this stretch of Florida already.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, pesky pedestrians should just figure it out.

  • anonymous

    This is going to cause chaos at 7th and Florida heading west bound.

    • V

      Agreed. it’s already hard to get across 7th street without having to be stopped again.,.. and the stretch is too small to avoid a backup. i understand the need now that people are living on that corner in the new condo building, but it’s going to be a traffic nightmare. driving in DC is painful now.

  • 7thStTechGuy

    This was so needed.

  • JED1969

    Dear God, if this light isn’t synchronized with the Georgia and Florida intersection, westbound Florida Avenue is going turn into an even bigger congestion nightmare….

  • Sydney

    Well done. Lots more traffic calming needed on this stretch, from North Capitol Street to 14th NW. Please, MPD: enforce our traffic regulations, at least.

  • thoma193

    This is great, but what would be really great would be if DC upgraded to the 21st century and started syncing traffic lights throughout the city.

    • west_egg
    • Anonymous

      DC, like most modern cities, is actually trying to de-synchronize lights so as to discourage driving.

    • Evan Tupac Grooter

      They do sync traffic lights. Have you ever driven up 15th st? The problem is all lights in all directions can’t be synced together.

    • Brookland Brian

      They do sync the lights. During rush hour, they’re synced to move as much traffic out of the city as possible with minimal stops. In the morning, they’re synced to get you downtown quickly. During evening rush you can get on Rhode Island Ave. and go all the way from Logan Circle to N. Capitol without stopping. Outside of rush hour, they’re timed to make you stop at every other light. Apparently the city thinks it’s important to get commuters from Maryland to and from work as efficiently as possible, but those of us who live and pay taxes here are forced to waste our lives sitting at red lights.

    • AnonV2

      They completed a project to sync the lights on Fla Ave westbound during rush hour over the summer. It is noticeably better in the mornings. Whereas before you were likely to hit every single light from Georgia to 14th no matter what, there are times now where I’ve cruised through to 16th without stopping. If you hit the light at 9th and stick to the speed limit AND there are no idiots trying to cut off buses and getting stuck straddling two lanes (a big if!) it’s cut 5 minutes off that trip. Eastbound in the afternoon doesn’t seem to be any different.

  • Mya

    Thank you Jesus for this! This intersection is a danger zone especially to pedestrians and cars trying to get across the street, major blind spot.


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