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  • Nonna

    What a bummer! I live right by there and have really enjoyed the new mural. Graffiti can be cool and have it’s place as art but not when it’s destroying things. What a bunch of garbage.

  • mark

    Kind of blends in.

  • arty?

    That sucks, although this mural is pretty cheesy in the first place.

  • AG

    Cool bubble letters, bro. I remember when I thought I was super cool cuz I finally learned how to do them. you know, back in 3rd grade.

    • W

      sounds reasonable to me.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    What a shame. Kind of makes you want to empty an entire can of spray paint in the mouth of the person who did this.

    • Emmaleigh504

      So they can die? sheesh, first people want to blind people with bug spray, now we are poisoning them with paint. wtf people

      • Philippe Lecheval

        Overreact much? Sheesh.

        • anon

          lighten up, francis. sheesh.

      • INDC

        Hmmm. If it’s a nontoxic paint s/he won’t die. Maybe get a really upset stomach and vomit for awhile… which seems like a pretty fair punishment for doing such a dickhead move.

  • spookiness

    DC always keepin’ it real.

  • lol

    The caption should read: “My name is Voyer, I have been doing this simple trash for years and I still haven’t progressed past throw ups and never will. Oh and by the way everyone that I hang with is in the same garbage pile of talentless 30 year old teenagers, woooo me!”

    • badavarascal

      lol, i agree completely. voyer has ruined many walls and bridges without improving his/her tagging ability at all over the years. practice usually means perfect, but not in voyer’s case.

    • hupster

      +1, his inch-deep attempts at social commentary in tags haven’t improved much either.

    • Bort

      Voyer and gare are f*cking toys. Just pure uncut wackness. If you clowns are reading this, please stop embarrassing yourselves (and more importantly, DC) with your ugly-ass nonsense.

  • Its sad that we have “Brain-Dead” no talent morons destroying DC Mural Art. Eric B is one of our best local muralists who’s work is featured all over the city – I feel really bad for him.

  • NW_Sammy

    I used to be good a deciphering these “tags”… anyone know what it says? I miss the Andre the Giant stickers but I think that guy moved up to NYC.

    • dh

      “Voyer” and “Bogus”. Voyer is possibly the most hated tagger in DC. He does this shit all the time.

      • NorthbyNE

        Voyer has become a punchline and a troll. Besides ruining murals by more talented artists like this, he also slapped his stickers on some of Decoy’s work while it was still in studio, and tagged the toilet at Wonderland (WTF!? Isn’t anything sacred)

        • The voyer studio sticker incident was definitely not with decoy, but another local street artist.

          On another note, the very talented Eric B will certainly come back to fix his piece. Unfortunately, that wall has a long history of being tagged, and old habits die hard.

      • GBinCH

        Given how prolific this guy is, why hasn’t he be caught yet? And made to pay for all the damage he’s caused? Just over the past year, he’s tagged my building three times. The city sends out crews to clean it up and I’m sure the tab has gotten pretty high from his antics.

  • ET

    Do those stupid and juvenile bubble letter say something? I assume that the graffiti idiot just likes to destroy regardless of what is there because if they were trying for a message then they failed beyond the “for real” part.

  • BMouse

    I love that this thread turned into graffiti art criticism. Thanks commenters!

    • anon

      for real

  • Fairmont

    This is why we can’t have nice things…

  • katinka

    This is why DC cant have nice things.


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