• CVR

    Jack Wagon may be my new favorite phrase.

  • DRC

    Can you guys actually get some close up pics of the damage? I have shot many things with a paintball gun and been shot numerous times myself. I have never seen any permanent damage caused to a hard surface, whether it be a wooden shed, tree or plastic body armor. I’ve been shot directly in the center of my goggles with nary a scratch, and been shot from point blank range in a finger knuckle with just a slight bruise. I’ve seen kids shot in the rib cage wearing only a t-shirt and all they had to show for it was a welt. And after all that, the paint washes off with just water (or rain), no soap necessary. I cannot imagine why they would need thousands of dollars to ‘restore’ this mural from paintball ‘damage’. And then they deface the thing with their GoFundMe page info…


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