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  • ET

    Who need a picture of a congressman or Supreme Court Justice when they dry cleaned for the Pope!

  • ?

    I’m not sure having your staff take your clothes to be dry cleaned for you makes you “the best” so much as it makes you “rich and powerful enough to have staff who do errands for you” and “a person who has clothes that have been worn” :D

    That being said, I’m guessing this was exciting for the dry cleaning employees if they like the Pope.

  • Nu

    Hmmm. Why did I think a cassock was a piece of furniture? What am I mixing it up with?

    • Blithe

      Possibly hassock?

  • ClePark

    That’s my cleaner! Maybe his cassock touched my shirt!

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps because European Custom Tailor (who also was a dry cleaner) just across Conn. Ave. in Cleveland Park closed in August. They were my favorite. Have yet to try this place.


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