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Here’s Where the New Japanese Restaurant from the owners of Daikaya is coming to in Shaw

by Prince Of Petworth November 24, 2015 at 10:22 pm 13 Comments

805 V Street, NW

The liquor license placard says:

“New Restaurant. Japanese cuisine with an assortment of side dishes. Total Occupancy Load of 70. Sidewalk Café with 30 Seats.”

It’s located right next door to the new Landmark Movie theatre:


in the Atlantic Plumbing building next door to the 9:30 Club:


  • contrarian

    V Street isn’t Shaw. U is the boundary.

    • monkeyrotica

      Agreed. This is clearly SoCoHe or “the Hammock District.”

      • Eucliddddy

        Does it really matter what ‘hood this is in? What matters is that this will be awesome, I am certainly looking forward to this local addition.

      • jaredd

        Seriously. Are we going to have to start differentiating between NoShaw and SoShaw?

        • monkeyrotica

          There is no SoShaw. Only Zuul.

      • gonzodc

        Firmly in CoBo (Columbia Bottoms)

        • monkeyrotica

          That’s what HE said!

    • In the spirit of Thanksgiving – I”m lifting the prohibition against personal attacks for this comment. Aux armes.

      • Anonymous Unchained

        Gentrification is evil but also the greatest thing ever and my people are better than your people and you all are wrong and so foolish look at how much more I know than you you are all like Hitler and the Nazis!!!11!

        That felt awesome.

        • Anon

          Hitler only had one nut, much like the contrarian above.

      • NorthbyNE

        Can’t we all just listen to Adele?!

    • anonymous
  • pwc

    this is a couple of blocks from Izakaya Seki, which is pretty great, but no reservations (and super busy on weekends). I wonder how much business they’ll be able to snatch from people who don’t want to wait 45-60m for a table at Seki.


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