• MK

    I’m dying with envy. Where did you get it?

    • Yuzu Grower

      We purchased our dwarf yuzu tree at Edible Landscaping which is near Charlottesville, VA. We also picked up lemon and lime dwarf trees. Citrus is hard to grow in this climate so we keep all three trees in our sun room during the winter.

      • bobby

        Thanks for the link and congrats on the yuzu! Ive always wondered where to get citrus plants around here.

  • jcm

    Congrats on the yuzu! I have a reasonably productive lemon tree. I don’t have any good windows though, so I have to use a light when I bring it in. It’s a ridiculously finicky plant, but I put up with it because I really enjoy smelling the blossoms as well as eating the fruit.

    • Yuzu Grower

      Glad to hear your lemon tree is working out. We’re having a hard time with our lemon and lime trees. The both suffer from acute cases of early fruit drop and I think have citrus canker. I’m close to throwing in the towel on them but will likely give them a stay of termination through the winter. Have you had any problems with early fruit drop or some kind of mold/lesions that take over the stems of the trees?

  • Kim

    I’ve been wondering what the tree in front of my house is here! We have a mature yuzu in front of the house I rent. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yuzu Grower

      Wow, that’s impressive! I’m sure there are plenty of people and restaurants in the area that would love to have some fresh yuzu from your tree. Where do you live? ;)


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