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Barricade Situation Downtown Resolved, Subject in Custody – Road Closures to be lifted ASAP

by Prince Of Petworth November 16, 2015 at 11:05 am 18 Comments


From MPD:

Barricade:19th&K Streets(UPDATE)- Subject in custody-Ped closures: 19-2000 K St, 1000 20th St-Street closure:20th btw I&L Sts NW remain(1/2)

Road closures will be lifted as soon as possible for the previous outer area 2/2″


“The Metropolitan Police Department successfully and peacefully concluded a barricade situation that took place in the 1900 block of K Street, Northwest on November 16, 2015.

MPD members were alerted to an adult female in crisis (threatening harm to herself and others) at approximately 12:19 am. Upon members’ arrival, the female subject discharged a firearm, and a barricade situation was declared.

At approximately 10:30 am, the barricade incident concluded with the subject surrendering to police.

The subject has been identified as 31-year-old Sophia Dalke of Springfield, Virginia. She has been charged with Assault on a Police Officer While Armed.”

  • FridayGirl


  • Count Pheasant

    Thank goodness. I’d rather see snarled traffic than injury or loss of life. Glad this was resolved peacefully.

  • B

    Any word on the individual with the mental health issue that prompted it? Saw reports of a suicidal transgender woman but don’t know if that was verified or not. I’ve been down at the White House and have seen a 50-ish transgender lady screaming stuff in Spanish on more than one occasion recently… Wondering if this is the same person

  • Jermaine

    Expect to see more of this with the heightened security. ISIS explicitly threatened DC in their latest video.

    • BMouse

      Authenticity of that video has not been confirmed, it was distributed through Islamic State social networks.

      • oh2dc

        So, best case scenario it is just some random crazy person with a wish to attack us as opposed to a Daesh-affiliated crazy person?

        • BMouse

          That can be a big difference in capacity and resources.

  • CapitalDame

    I am anxious to see more of the story here. If this did begin last night, it seems like an awful long time and an insane police presence for one person barricaded with a gun? I’m happy to deal with snarled traffic and office closures if it means saving lives, but I’m concerned about resources.

    • ah

      Were as many closures necessary, even if to save a life? How many ambulances got stuck in the resulting traffic nightmare? How many ill people couldn’t get to their doctors (many of which are in that very area)?

      • CapitalDame

        An excellent point (ambulances) that I had not even considered! I guess my overall thought was, was this the most effective way to resolve this incident while limiting potential loss of life… and from the outside it doesn’t seem to be. Law enforcement officials who actually know the details might disagree, and have a good reason to do so. I try not to think that way before we have a more complete picture, but…

    • BMouse

      Yeah, this was my question too, it seemed like large scale of disruption for the situation. The only scenario I can see is if they were concerned she had or had access to explosives. Which they probably have a low bar for that risk right now.

  • CapitalDame

    My coworker just got in after meeting an electrician at his house and says that 19th and 20th are still closed as of 2:40pm…

    • General Grant Circle

      Different issue – this time a suspicious vehicle – but yes they are still closed, only a smaller radius.

      • CapitalDame

        Good to know, thanks!!

  • General Grant Circle
  • CapitalDame

    I still don’t understand why it was barricaded off for so many blocks and for so long? It just doesn’t seem to make a ton of sense…

  • Philippe Lecheval

    The story in the Post said she actually shot at police. It’s kind of amazing that she lived through something like that. As I’m sure everyone is aware, people are getting killed by cops these days for doing far, far less than that.

  • AG

    Based on some very minimal Googling, it seems she was on a rooftop with a gun. I think that explains the perimeter.


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