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  • FridayGirl

    The last time Taylor did funky subs I thought they were gross but I actually want this.

    • If it actually has habanero kick, someone please alert, so I can go try.

    • Anonomnom

      I think this looks delicious…

  • TX2DC

    But will the bread still slice up the roof of my mouth like their regular sandwiches?

    • LoganRes

      the bed isn’t as good anymore, but I find that the soft roll doesn’t carve up the inside of my mouth like the normal hoagie roll does.

      • LoganRes

        haha. the bed = the bread… it’s Monday!

    • FridayGirl

      Have you tried getting it on wheat? I find that better than the normal bread, but I understand where you’re coming from.

  • I can’t wait to try this. Griot is my favorite Haitian dish.

  • Alex

    Jose Andres making sandwiches? Awesome, I can’t wait to order 15 one-inch subs, pay $200, and still be hungry!

    • Kingman Park

      for just $50 extra you can add on the carefully selected artisanal sangria pairing.

    • textdoc

      Hahaha! Good one, Alex.

  • jim_ed

    I saw this as I was getting hungry for lunch, so I went and tried one. It was terrible. The pork had zero flavor, and the citrus juice they put on it overwhelmed everything and tasted like how a Bath and Body Works smells. Zero habanero kick. The caramelized plantain spread was actually really good when I got small parts of it not doused in distillate of orange zest, but they were few and far between. It’s for a good cause, so maybe go have one, but I wouldn’t recommend it for its culinary merit.

    • callmeB

      Oh man, I thought it was delicious but I am a recovering vegetarian without years of pork sandwich expertise. The one thing was the meat was warm, but the rest of the sandwich, which I wasn’t expecting. I left happy and with a full belly!

    • FridayGirl

      Ah, darn it.

    • mcd

      I liked it, but agree that the citrus juice does dominate the sandwich and there is no habanero kick unfortunately.

  • palisades

    Even a good cause won’t convince me to give any more of my money to Taylor

  • Dinah

    Where can this sandwich be bought?

    • I can’t tell if you’re joking, but on the off-chance this is a serious question, you can purchase it at Taylor Gourmet locations.


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