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Very little solace is that an an arrest has been made but some details coming out from the Hill East listserv are absolutely devastating. From a fundraiser posted for the family:

“Our friends in our Capitol Hill neighborhood suffered a violent attack when an intruder broke into the home and violently beat and assaulted the mom while she worked from home on Tuesday October 13. We have not included their names to maintain their privacy due to the utter brutality of the attack. The wife needed surgery to reset 3 broken bones in her face. The violent nature of the attack was so traumatic that the family is staying with friends and wants to sell their apartment and move immediately. Your donations will help a wonderful family of 4 who endured the unimaginable find a new home where they can feel safe and rebuild their life.”

Ed. Note: On the listserv folks asked for more details and the OP provided this story from NBC. The original MPD release was posted here.


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