Solicitation of Prostitution Sting Arrest Tally Up To 127 and Counting

by Prince Of Petworth August 7, 2015 at 9:50 am 22 Comments

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From MPD:

“Members of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Narcotics and Special Investigation Division Human Trafficking Unit announced additional arrests have been made in a prostitution enforcement operation.

On Tuesday, July 14, 2015, the Metropolitan Police Department’s Human Trafficking Unit began conducting prostitution enforcement. The 15 arrests during the last few days bring the total arrested in this operation to 127 since Tuesday, July 14, 2015. These incidents occurred in and around the West Virginia Avenue corridor in Northeast, Washington, DC. All 15 arrested were adult males charged with Solicitation of Prostitution.

The Metropolitan Police Department continues to respond to complaints about crime and encourages the public to contact the Metropolitan Police Department with those concerns.

The operation is ongoing.”

  • jdc

    it’s like these people never actually read the news…

  • Ward 5

    Can we focus on arresting real criminals and gangsters please. I’d love to see 127 armed robbers arrested instead of some dudes just trying to get their rocks off. It’s stupid that prostitution is illegal in the first place. This is a waste of time and tax payers $.

    • Susan


    • stcohi

      I disagree. I see your point, and I’d like read a headline that says 127 armed robbers/drug dealers were round up, but I think beyond just getting the “Johns” in these cases, it’s also important to ensure that the women actually doing the prostituting are doing so of their own free will. Likely, there are a lot of women who are being forced into this. Sex trafficking is no joke.

      • +1, you have to arrest the peddlers, not just the men looking for it.

      • anonymous

        +1. Guessing original commenter is not aware of this pervasive problem.

    • anonymous

      While I agree with you, having prostitutes walking around neighborhood streets attracts certain elements. I wont say all- but I’m sure most of those johns are also drug users. It’s just a chain reaction of illegal activity associated around prostitution. Probably leads to breakins as people spend more time loitering in alleys etc,.

  • John

    What a wonderful use of our tax dollars. This will just shift prostitution to more out of the way/dangerous areas (I recall the last time the MDD did this it shifted more towards Anacostia) and backpage.com.

  • Congrats

    Is the goal here to keep the arrests for prostitution higher than homicide rate? If so CONGRATS!!! YOU DID IT!!!!! Pat yourselves on the back for doing so because that is definitely one of the most talked about issues concerning citizens in this city right now not violent crimes.

    • I for one applaud progress of any type. New York City has had some success with their broken window theory, and this is an extension of that.

      I also point out the similarities of arresting johns to the war on drugs – it not only went after the drug pushers, but also the drug users. In an open economy, if there’s no market to sell a product, it will eventually stop being sold.

  • Don’t taz me Bro

    Good. We need to clean the streets of this trash. Props to the Cops!!! Prostitutes walking in front of your home is not a good thing.

  • WV Ave homeowner

    As a homeowner on WV Ave NE I am THRILLED with this crackdown. Cannot tell you how many times I have had to say “excuse me” to prostitutes working in front of my house. Yes of course there are bigger fish to fry in terms of catching thief’s and violent criminals but there are children around who should not have to walk over used condoms and deal with pimps parked on the street watching over their girls. My weekly condom cleanup both in front of the house and in the alley will hopefully be cut down! I could go on but one step at a time! I am grateful.

    • me too

      Yeah, I only recently realized why I see used condoms in our alley so frequently .

  • Anonymous Shaw Dweller

    Just legalize the damn thing and regulate it to protect the health of the woman/man and tax it – then let’s get on with it. Of course we should also set up a red-light district. This economic exchange has been going on for 1000’s of years and we aren’t going to stop it. The current approach just harms the less well off street prostitutes vs. the online escorts that have more means.

    • textdoc

      I imagine that if D.C. were to legalize prostitution, Congress would intervene like it did when we legalized marijuana and would prevent us from putting any regulations or taxes in place.

      • sproc

        While at the same time they’d become some of the most enthusiastic and prolific customers…

  • JohnJohn

    Don’t we need better social services and a whole-of-community approach rather than stronger policing? That seems to be the mantra officals chant over and over whenever the topic of violent crime comes up.

    It’s ironic that we need greater social services (less tough-on-crime) to deal with violent criminals yet more tough-on-crime/arrests to deal with prostitution.

  • lrds

    Beyond the obvious “call the police” is there a good way to report areas for this sting operation? A specific tip line or email address? (the reason I’m not sure “call 911” is the best option is that it would not be to report something in progress, just trends that I’ve observed in the area before – like upper 14th near Parkwood, alley between Quincy and Randolph, etc).

    • textdoc

      911 is for all police calls, both emergency and non-emergency, but in this case, it sounds like you might be better off talking to the lieutenant for your Police Service Area and/or the commander for your police district. (I think you’re in 4D, so that would be Wil Manlapaz.)
      Not sure how MPD is organized as to whether there’s a central Vice unit or whether each district has its own Vice unit or what. (I think it might have changed recently, too.)

  • ANC2F06 Bengel

    These stings are the result of extensive feedback to MPD regarding continuous community complaints of prostitution in the Downtown and Logan Circle neighborhoods. Residents grew tired of having to step around or pick up used condoms from their yards and local alleys, dodge prostitutes when walking a dog or encounter them while with family on the way to school or church. The centralized Human Trafficking Unit, not localized patrol officers, is responsible for the stings. ANC 2F has seen a drastic reduction in the number of street level prostitutes since the stings began and applauds MPD’s efforts.

  • Jimbo

    MPD – please come clean up prostitution in Columbia heights.


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