Shooting Near Shaw Metro Around 4:45pm Sat. Afternoon

by Prince Of Petworth August 15, 2015 at 5:06 pm 31 Comments


A reader reports:

“Drive by at 7th and S (right outside of the old fishnet), 5-6 shots. Huge police presence on the scene. There is someone down, being attended to. It appears to be serious.”

From @DCPolicedept:

“Shooting in 1800 block 7th St NW @ 1648 hrs. MPD on scene. No lookout at this time”

Another reader writes:

“Live right there. Heard 9 loud shots in quick succession. 7th and S intersection closed off”


“Shaw station is closed due to police activity. Apparently they won’t let anyone out or in the station.”

From Metro Transit Police:

“Police activity outside Shaw-Howard Station, topside, is a @DCPoliceDept investigation. S St entrance closed. R St entrance open. #wmata”

  • vannessie

    Your move Mayor McEmptySuit

    • Atlas

      more tents!

  • Chemdance

    I noticed a policeman patrolling the corner of Florida and Georgia during the day. He was making loiters move off of the sidewalks. Maybe this is the beginning of the end for the criminal activity there. Desperate people do desperate things. I just pray things don’t get too messy. That corner is a bad combination of hardworking people using public transportation to get to jobs and obvious illegal drug activity.

    • mcd

      Interesting- I noticed that there was a serious lack of loitering yesterday when I walked by too. I thought it might be a result of the “crack down” further down 7th street. It almost felt like a ghost town without 15 people hanging out on each corner. Also, I walked by the police tent last night over near 7th and O. The tent is closer to 6th than 7th, and all the loitering on that corner just moved to the 7th/8th street side away from the cops but is still there. It is almost as if MPD wants credit for “doing something” but doesn’t actually want to have an impact on the real problem here.

      • Jack Stevens

        This corner has a cop who is paid uniformed off duty. Prob paid more than Mayor Mcinvisible pays her people (except for her girl Lanier of course)

      • anonymous

        When something bad happens, commenters complain that there is no “police presence” in the area and call for cop car parked at the troubled corner. When the police put a presence in a troubled area, commenters complain about how it is a waste of money. Nice work guys!

  • shawperson

    Remember when there were all those shootings at 7th and O so they put up a tent and then the shootings just moved up the street to 7th and S?

  • Jeff

    Just blame the scooby snax…

    • Jack Stevens

      Well don’t forget it’s hot, and other big cities had crime today too. Or the new one, of you shouldn’t put nice things in areas the weren’t nice to begin with.

  • Petworth Diva

    Gosh, I was just right in that area minutes before.

  • Anon

    Walked up 7th through this intersection around 2pm. Noticed cops cuffing 4-5 of the guys that loiter by Pizza D’Oro and CVS and interrogating another dude around the corner. Larger crowd than usual hanging outside of the high rise low income housing building on that corner, too. Everything seemed super tense.

  • Annoyed

    I am seriously thinking of starting a new non-profit inspired by MADD, called “Dad’s Against Drivebys!”

  • Jason

    I’m not going back to Dacha until the police get a handle on this.

    • Jeers

      Almost impossible to get a “handle” on drivebys. Unless you ban driving, I guess.

  • JoeTaxpayer

    City government has cut MPD funding for years which has led to fewer officers even as the city’s population increases. We need more police on the streets as a show of force in these areas. It’s time to start enforcing quality of life crimes so these drive bys have nothing to shoot at.

    • Jack Stevens


  • Nearby

    Police identified the victim as Matthew Castrol Shlonsky. There’s a Matt Shlonsky profile on LinkedIn for someone living in DC who works (or worked) at DeLoitte. RIP. If they are the same person, then it looks like yet another innocent bystander just got killed this summer.

  • MarkQ

    For those calling out ( and name calling) the mayor: What 10 things would you suggest she do in response?

    • Keefer

      Don’t need ten, just one simple one, get rid of the centralized vice squad that has been busy chasing prostitution, and return control back to district level.

      • Neighbor

        This. This is a relatively simple solution that seems to be ignored by the government.

  • French streeter

    This makes me so incredibly sad. Seems that the victim was an innocent bystander. So young, and I can’t imagine how his parents are feeling today after learning that their child died in a drive by shooting.

    • PCC

      Post is reporting victim’s name as Matthew C. Shlonsky, 23, a 2014 AU grad and recent Hill intern.

  • Michael

    Sadly the victim has died, and it sounds like he was an innocent bystander:

    As a fellow victim of violent crime in DC, and the subsequent incompetence and laziness of the DC police, it is time for change. No more police unions, no pointless paperwork that incentivizes police officers not to do their jobs, cleaning house for police officers who don’t want to work, foot and bike patrols instead of cops sitting in their cars texting, focusing on preventing crime instead of generating revenue through parking tickets, and actual prosecutions and penalties for violent offenses by teenagers would be a good start.

    • U Streeter

      Perhaps the cops that congregate every morning around U Street Cafe could go eat their breakfast on the clock on 7th street instead?

    • Anony

      So sorry for the victim and his family.

      I walked up to a patrol car sitting at the sight of the shooting a couple weeks back at Georgia and Lamont and pointed out an obvious heroin deal going on literally 10 feet away from his car. The SOB didn’t say anything, continued on his phone for about 10 more seconds then drove away. Unbelievable.

  • Anonymous

    There were still blood stains in front of the store entrance after the police left. You’d think that after five hours of investigations they’d at least clean things up.

    • MelodyNC

      This summer a grad from GW fell off the roof of an apartment building across the street from me. Unfortunately he died on the scene. The next day there were no police to be found as they’d finished their investigation in the wee hours of the morning. But there were large pools of blood left on the side walk. Large enough to know someone most likely died there. A friend of his had to end up washing the blood off the sidewalk because people were accidently stepping in it as they walked down the street. I wonder why they don’t clear the scene of blood? Something I’ve been wondering about since.

  • Tony

    This is really sad and it’s so very upsetting how something like this could happen in broad daylight. If the recently increase in homicides wasn’t a nationwide trend and just a DC-specific problem then putting the blame on the mayor and DC government would seem more appropriate. Just so sad.

    • Jack Stevens

      Don’t agree Tony, the fact were are at least 500 police short is squarely on the DC Gov, the mayor, and the Chief.

      • Tony

        You could be right, Jack. I really am not read-up on the DC policing issue. Clearly something is not working.

  • DC_TaxPayer

    Poor kid…and condolences to his family and friends. If he is an innocent bystander or not, violent crime is not the answer. I pray that whomever did this is found guilty and never sees daylight or loved ones again. …Similar to the poor kid who was killed.

    Personally, I wish the DC police would start making a big deal about the less severe crimes, so crimes like this do not occur.

    As for me and due to safety concerns, I am seriously considering selling my condo in NW and moving back to VA. I won’t try to pretend to know what can mitigate the safety concerns; however, I hope the folks in key government positions take action to address it soon. It is just not right that I’ve heard gun shoots multiple times this year, and we know the people are not hunting or shooting targets. As Oscar Rogers said on SNL, “Fix it” (change financial crisis to safety concerns in the skit).

    If any one knows what normal, tax paying, citizens can do to help solve the issue, please let us know.


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