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Reports of Shots Fired at 8th and Maryland Ave, NE Sunday Afternoon

by Prince Of Petworth August 16, 2015 at 5:29 pm 11 Comments


@stephenrutgers tweeted us aroun 12:30pm:

“Witnessed a shooting at 8th and Maryland NE. When will @MayorBowser take action with these shootings.”

@HStreetDC_ tweeted:

“800 blk MD shut down. Police investigation. Two cars with windows shot out. Damn! Middle of the day, folks!”

  • Hill Resident

    Kids crossing the street heading to the NE library, folks walking up to the market or just out for a walk/run. Great environment you have us in now Mayor/Chief. That new soccer stadium will do you a lot of good after everyone moves out of the city.

    I heard the shots around 1 in the afternoon…clear as day, sitting in my house not a block away.

    Waiting for another “Safety Walk” I guess, Weak Zebra response. KUDOs to the cops walking the beat and doing the best they can with what restrictions they have on them (don’t go chasing those ATV’s now).

  • New to NE

    Has anyone heard any updates on this? I just moved to this neighborhood a few weeks ago, pretty scary stuff.

    • BB

      I was sitting in the car with my gf, mom, and gma at MD & 9th light when the shooting started 50 yards behind us. About 8 or so shots rang out rapidly. Was one young African american man running and shooting after 2 other young African american men. No one was injured according to the police when I talked to them. Still was scary seeing that in the middle of the day when we were coming back from eastern Market.

    • Jojo

      Welcome to the neighborhood! Please be assured that this sort of thing does not happen often.

      • New to NE

        Thanks for the replies, good to hear this isn’t a common occurrence. I’m really loving this part of town otherwise.

  • districtwanderer

    Wow. DC sucks this summer.

  • That Man A

    sheesh, id like to know more…

    this is just a few blocks from my home and i frequent this 711

    • a yuppie

      Of course, there was a 7/11 nearby…

  • T

    Lucky for Bowser/Lanier this isn’t a homicide or maybe not even an assault. Probably just “destruction of property.” Gotta keep those violent crime stats down!

    It’d be nice to know the total number of confirmed shootings. Does anyone know if MPDC tracks that, too?

    • Anon MPD

      Shootings with someone hit? Yeah, those are felony assaults and are reported to the FBI as part of the UCR (Unified Crime Reporting) data.

      Shootings where no one is hit? It’s tracked, but not the same way. Destruction of property, etc.

  • Hill resident

    Please come to meeting on Tuesday, August [email protected] pm at the NE library to discuss safety concerns. There will be representatives from the mayor’s office, ward 6 council office and MPD. Thank you.


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