New Restaurant from Owner of Rose’s Luxury to be called Pineapple and Pearls

by Prince Of Petworth August 24, 2015 at 4:05 pm 25 Comments

715 8th Street, SE

Nice update from theWashington City Paper on the plans for the new restaurant from the owner of Rose’s Luxury coming to the former Homebody space on Barracks Row:

“About that cool restaurant concept: In the mornings, Pineapple and Pearls will host a small cafe in the front serving coffee, pastries, to-go sandwiches, and other breakfast items. In the evenings, it will transform into a fine dining restaurant featuring a prix-fixe tasting menu.”

located right next door to Rose’s Luxury

  • neighborhoodmalcontent

    yikes on that name. sounds like a wannabe blog. :/

    • m

      haha, i had the same thought…and it turns out there actually is a blog with that name!

      • Surely they did a Google search before coming up with something so random, right?

        • neighborhoodmalcontent

          that’s even worse- they named it after an actual (awful!) blog (looks more like pinterest to me…)

          • The name’s closer to my blog name, Pineapples and Pearls, than that particular tumblr page, and I’m also in DC. Great minds think alike, I suppose!

          • AG

            Oh god, I just spent way too many minutes of my life reading that blog.

          • Well nice free publicity for you then.

          • Cheese & Crackers

            It’s like an ode to consumerism. On the plus side I suddenly feel a lot better about my frivolous shopping habits.

        • The Enabler

          yesh, that is terrible

          • The Enabler

            typo. I meant to say: That blog isn’t my favorite.

          • Cheese & Crackers

            Nice save ;)

      • yet another blog with the same name: http://www.pineapplesandpearls.com/
        It sounds like a store that would sell lilly pulitzer….

        • Cheese & Crackers

          And a DC-based blog, at that (although you have to do some serious digging around to determine that the blogger even lives in DC).

    • jim_ed

      It sounds like the yearbook title for a Hawaiian sorority.

      • neighborhoodmalcontent

        that too. sheesh.

    • Mangos and diamonds

      I would’ve just called it The Pineapple. There’s nothing hip about pearls.
      But at this point it doesn’t matter what it’s called, it’ll be booked out months in advance regardless.

      • +1, I will still go regardless of the silly name. I just won’t tell anyone where I’m going.

        • palisades

          “Rose’s Next Door”

  • JB

    So funny – my friend has a blog by the same name…even owns the URL and is based in DC! Seems like they even ripped off her logo, too (stylized golden pineapple).

  • Commentator

    Not that I’m in love with the name, but people were down on Rose’s Luxury as a name, too, when they first opened and it didn’t seem to hurt them.

    • AG

      Rose’s Luxury was named after his grandmother though, so it had a sentimental meaning. This name isn’t personal at all. I still love me some Rose’s and will gladly patronize the new place.

      • Anon

        Maybe Rose loved pineapple and pearls. You never know!

  • My first thought was – awful ridiculous name – seems everyone agrees. I’m not usually so in the trendy world – but this is still a terrible name! Ultra silly pretentious.

  • Bet

    Are they trying to start a dynasty of excellent restaurants with horrible names? The word Luxury is such a turn off but they found out how to top that one with Pearls.


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