More on “DC’s first veggie-centric bakery + diner + bar”, Fare Well, coming to H Street

by Prince Of Petworth August 17, 2015 at 11:10 am 6 Comments

406 H Street, NE

Last week we learned that the H Street, NE location of Sticky Fingers would be called Fare Well. They’ve just launched an Iniegogo fundraiser hoping to raise $80k – lots more info on their plans:

“Welcome to Fare Well, a casual, veggie-centric spot for comforting, house-made everyday fare. From morning coffee to nightcap, from breakfast pastry to after-dinner dessert, from us for you. We’re more than our bakery case and lunch counter, our classic diner-style service and seating for 50, our full bar and specialty cocktails. We’re your neighborhood bakery + diner + bar. Come in and let us serve you.


Whether you’ve just rolled out of bed, have kids in tow, or are on your way to a meeting, wake up with us. Can’t you just smell the freshly brewed coffees locally roasted right here in DC? The unmistakable aroma of breads and sweets baking in our ovens? We’ll have the very best in eye-opening drinks and incredible house-made scones, danishes, croissants, breakfast pastries, and more. Stop and stay a while, or grab and go.


We’ll be dishing up comfort food classics like Southern-style casseroles and potpies, pierogies, lasagnas, and latkes. (And pancakes all day, with toppings you won’t believe!) All of our breads will be baked fresh in-house, so start thinking about focaccia, croissants, challah, and ciabatta. And, we’ll make all our own cheeses, sauces, dips, and spreads—from our cashew cream sauce to almond ricotta and beyond—along with our own house-made proteins, all from vegetables, of course. (Save room for dessert!) Made by hand with love from scratch.


From happy hour to nightcap, you’re invited to hang out and relax. We like doing what we can to live a little lighter, so we’re putting in earth-friendly beverage systems. Have an even happier happy hour with beer and wine served exclusively from taps. Our bottle-free fizzy water can get an extra kick from our delicious, house-made syrups. The bar will be full-service, featuring your favorite spirits. Cheers!”

  • nick

    Is it normal that a call for funding is made AFTER they have broken ground and will be opening in the near future? I feel like it’s the other way around…ask for funding, then physically create your business.

    • Panna

      Yeah, I am not on board with the whole crowdfunding in lieu of investors/business loan. You are an established business. Not some college student trying to get a few thousand for an invention prototype.

  • ItsPetworthIt

    I feel more confident giving money to something that’s already so far long. Plus, they have nice gifts. I’m thrilled for this new addition and can’t wait!

  • Ryan

    Sidamo and Batter Bowl Bakery are already on that block so the coffee shop market is already saturated. This place has benn under construction for a long time with little progress and now we find out they still need 80K? I’d rather see a retail option or at least a venture where the ppl know what they’re doing.

    • raeface

      Batter Bowl is crazy overpriced and has a weird vibe, and closes at 8 pm. Sidamo is more fun and welcoming, but closes at 7 pm. We definitely could use a place on H that stays open a little longer and has a cozier stay-and-read-a-book vibe. I have an hour to kill on H street regularly, and a place like that would be really nice.

  • northeazy

    Surprised at the negativity. First off, Sticky Fingers is an award winning bakery with national recognition. Second, if Starbucks has taught us anything it’s that the coffee shop market can never be “saturated.”


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