Sticky Fingers’ H Street Location to be called Fare Well “Bakery.Diner.Bar”

by Prince Of Petworth August 10, 2015 at 4:10 pm 7 Comments

fare well
406 H Street, NE

Back in January we learned that the 2nd Sticky Fingers location on H Street was applying for a liquor license. Over the weekend they tweeted me from @eatfarewell – Fare Well

“A veggie-centric diner, bakery, takeaway lunch counter and bar on Washington D.C.’s H Street corridor.”

and their website says:

Fall 2015
Veggie Centric Comfort Food

Stay tuned!

  • More lunch options would definitely be a bonus there. Hopefully veggie-centric =/= veggie-only.

    • neighborhoodmalcontent

      their fb page says they are vegetarian & vegan. sticky fingers is entirely vegan (and delicious!) so i just assumed fare well was going to be vegan as well.

      • Yeah I’ve been to Sticky Fingers and enjoyed it (and understand that they call themselves vegan). However if you’re going to be that way I would assume you would just use that terminology, which is why I have some hope that veggie-centric means at least a couple meat options for those of us who want them. Although I wouldn’t be surprised or terribly upset if there weren’t any.

        • Near Northeast

          As others have said, I expect “veggie-centric” means there will also be nuts, legumes, and grains represented, but that vegetables will be the focus of the menu.

    • Josh

      Probably not going to be JUST vegetables, but as was mentioned it will probably be vegan or vegetarian.

  • ItsPetworthIt

    They are dedicated ethical vegans. No way will there be meat, dairy, or eggs. That language must be to be more inviting/appealing to non-vegans.

  • dd

    Terrible name but should be good food


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