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  • zartan

    This is awesome. Not sure how I feel about the elaborate FDR memorial located nearby given his expressed wish to be remembered in a more subdued way, but I’m glad he got his wish with this memorial at least.

    • Linc Park

      He expressly requested a memorial no larger than his desk – hence the one in front of Archives.

      • Rich

        And yet the Eisenhower family wants some big monstrosity. Well, actually, they don’t like the celebrity architect’s monstrosity but they want prime real estate for one they like better. Some people point out he was a great general, but his mentor George Marshall was a much greater one and all he has is a secondary road to West Virginia.

        • US-40 driver

          Also a freeway in Uniontown, PA (his home town).

      • NorthbyNE

        I think Zartan is commenting that the larger elaborate “breadline” FDR memorial seems contrary to what he wanted. The memorial in front of his archives is in line with his request.

  • JoDa

    This is the question I’m the only person who knows the answer to when I join out-of-town friends on the Duck tour (along with what letters are missing from the alphabet in the L’Enfant plan part of the city)! (you can do it for free when entertaining guests paying for the tour if you live within 50 miles of DC and sign up here: http://www.hometownpass.com/user-registration?city=WashingtonDC) (not a paid spokesperson, just entertain friends and family regularly who want to do touristy things, and I’m not about to pay for those things over and over again)

    • LittleBluePenguin

      Thanks for this! I have friends from overseas coming sometime next year and I know they’re gong to want to do a few of the touristy things. While I know a bit about DC, this may be a great way to spend a day and not worry about whether I’ve been able to frantically cram for a “test” of my knowledge!

  • I Dont Get It

    Somehow I’ve missed this in the gajillion times I’ve been down there.

  • strategerie

    I remember learning about this on my 5th grade trip to DC and seeing it from our bus but couldn’t for the life of me remember where it was. I’ll have to keep an eye out next time I’m down there. I’m not a huge fan of the new FDR memorial, but I’m not a fan of such literal memorials (looking at you MLK and disabled veterans). I guess at least it’s a little more outdoor museum-ish and therefore educational.


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