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  • Beau

    Sherry’s is underrated. They have a great selection of beer and bitters and it’s a decent spot to get a growler.

  • Insp. Gadget

    They also have a great single malt scotch selection. And every Thursday is 10% off single malts.

  • anon

    They’ve had the french bread delivery for a little while, maybe a year. It’s alright, and fine in a pinch if you forgot to buy a loaf for dinner and don’t want to trek up to Firehook. They also run out quickly – I’d say 80% of the time I go in looking for bread, it’s gone. But yes, Sherry’s is underrated – fantastic beer selection, and make-your-own six-packs!

  • Anon

    Underrated? Maybe. But price-wise, they’re on the high end. I rarely ever come out of there with a bargain. And this isn’t the only liquor store in DC that sells food. I’ve been into more than one that appears to have a little deli section that makes sandwiches at lunchtime. And of course Comet Liquors over in Adams Morgan was famous for their sandwiches.

  • K

    Sherry’s is amazing. The staff and selection of top of the line. Best liquor store in town. The other contenders are too wine-focused.


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