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  • NorthbyNE

    Oh no….more Shaw-creep. This is at Florida and 10th…shouldn’t that be U St.?

  • itsmeari

    Isn’t that Jeff Speck’s house?

  • Jane

    Yes, I think this is U street, not Shaw

  • Anonymous

    This is the Specks’ house, although they moved to Brookline, Mass. last fall. And it’s not in Shaw.

  • Lisa

    Good grief newcomers, for the hundredth time:

    U St is Shaw.

    Wiki: “Shaw is roughly bounded by M Street, NW or Massachusetts Avenue NW to the south; New Jersey Avenue, NW to the east; Florida Avenue, NW to the north; and 11th Street, NW to the west. The area also includes the U Street Corridor, which is the commercial hub of the Shaw area, extending westward to 16th Street NW.”

    • lg


    • Duponter

      There is historical Shaw and modern day Shaw. The historical boundaries of Shaw actually encompassed a great deal of what today is called Logan Circle, as well as what is now Truxton Circle.

      I’m not a newcomer and have lived here since the 90s. U Street has been called U Street since then and only in the last year have I heard people actually referring to areas like Nellies or the 9:30 club as Shaw or North Shaw. I used to live in Shaw years ago and told everyone I lived in Logan because no one thought Shaw was somewhere anyone would want to live.

      Historical Shaw really has no foundation as to what people should call things today. It was enormous. If people want to 10th and Florida Shaw today, that’s fine, but it’s the newcomers doing it. Not those of us who have lived here 20+ years.

      • NorthbyNE

        I’ve also been here since the 90’s and there is a difference between legal boundaries and neighborhood boundaries. Shaw technically encompasses parts of what is commonly considered Mt. Vernon Square/Triangle, Logan, Truxton, U St., and Dupont. Just like people don’t refer to their neighborhood as “Old City,” no who has lived in this neighborhood (U St.) more than a year says they live in Shaw.

        • Lisa

          The fact remains that those who say U St is not in Shaw are wrong.


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